Saturday, May 31, 2014

LIFE POSSESSION - Miliony Let - 7" EP

The new material of a crust punk raw d-beat band from the Czech Republic inspired by scandinavian and english school of the 80´s with cover songs from Kaaos, Totalitär. With distorted, dirty, a bit of noise sound in an accompaniment to two guitars with lyrics celebrating an extinction of the world. After a long time again on vinyl like 7" EP format. This recording is the last release, behind the existence of this band. The Single is out on Aback distro, records have two-color splatter vinyl, in the convertible, partially colored cover in an edition of 525 pieces. The cover design was performed by Ben - Portfolio. To order a copy, you can use some dirty money 5 Euro plus shipping. Vinyl has been released only on this label, no cooperation between different labels. You can check out the recording on their bandcamp or bandzone profiles.

 Aback distro records :