Thursday, March 24, 2011

TERRORISMO? - Catacumba Apodrecida (Political Grindcore)


note: we aren't pro about terrorism, our name is a question,  what is terrorism? bombs or exploration?


no ano 2000, formamos a banda, não tinhamos nenhum instrumento (apenas um violão velho), mas já tinhamos a ideia e a vontadade, e já tinhamos o nome TERRORISMO?. após um ano de trablho duro, compramos os instrumentos e começamos a tocar. em 2002 gravamos nossa primeira demo "ABAIXO AS CERCAS", com a seguinte formação: Hugodzilla (voz e baixo) Fábio (bateria) João Henrique (guitarra). Após alguns shows, Fábio deixou a banda, então João Henrique foi para bateria e Ricklei chegou para a guitarra, assim a banda ficou mais rápida e barulhenta, só desgraceira. em 2003 gravamos a segunda demo "BLASFÊMIA - O NOVO TERROR" com Hugodzilla (voz e baixo) Ricklei (guitarra) João Henrique (bateria). Após 7 anos, estamos de volta.

At 2000, we formed our band. We didn’t have instruments (only a acoustic guitar) but we had the idea and the will, and we had the name TERRORISMO?. After a hard-working-year, we bought some instruments and started to play; At 2002 we recorded our first demo “ABAIXO AS CERCAS” at the line-up: Hugodzilla (vox and bass) Fabio (drums) and João Henrique (guitar). After some concerts, Fabio leaved the drums. João Henrique went to the drums and Rickley came to play guitar, so the band became faster and louder, only noise. At 2003 we recorded our second demo “BLASFÊMIA – O NOVO TERROR” at the line-up Hugodzilla (vox and bass) Rickley (guitar) João Henrique (drums). After 7 years we’re back.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Check out !!! TERRORISMO​?

we're a grindcore band from brazil, and we're
trying to divulgue our noise.
note: we aren't pro about terrorism, our name is a question,
        what is terrorism? bombs or exploration?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Power Is Poison disography "Apathetic Generation"

Power Is Poison's entire discography to date on one cd plus some extra unreleased songs. We're chuffed that this is happening in itself, let alone being a part of it. It's a Pumpkin Records along with Frantic Slaughter release and we're helping out on this one, chuffed!
25 songs on one cd. Power Is Poison play fast paced hardcore punk, a true hardworking DIY band. If you have ever seen them live you know the score, as we're sure you have, they've toured all over Europe and the UK many times and it's rare to go to any busy punk gig without seeing a Power Is Poison patch or T-shirt.
It's out now!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

holy!holy!​holy! anarchist gypsy tribal band coming through, well, everywhere

Hey all, we are heading threough the whole fucking country this spring
and summer and looking for great spaces to rock the fuck out with you
all. We will be in TN area May 24th and 25th. We are ten piece band,
and travel with our kids so we need a good space with a decent size
room, and looking for other anarchist bands, especially bands to dance
to, to play with.

Please call as we live in a forest with internet at home.
503 965 6716


LOUD MUSIC,LOUDER MUSIC AND NOISE Ho messo su questo blogspot per caricarci la musica che mi piace. Penso che la musica debba essere libera,gratuita e D.I.Y. I generi caricati saranno principalmente HC,punk,metal,rock'n'roll... Se volete che carichi il materiale della vostra band contattatemi. Se volete che lo rimuova pure mail: QUESTO BLOG E' ANTIFASCISTA, SE LA COSA VI CREA PROBLEMI NON SCARICATE,ANDATE VIA E UCCIDETEVI!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011