Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Release of Evil Punk Records - ABOMINATIONS ALL OVER & BEDA 'No Ordo Seclorum' Split /2015/

On September 23 and 23 release ...


 ABOMINATIONS ALL OVER - a one man project/band ( punk /metal ) hailing from forced labor camp belgica...100%DIY
BEDA - Evil Raw Punk From Belarusian Bogs...100%DIY



Portals - The Empty

Portals has just released their debut EP entitled "The Empty" for free download

Alternate Download Link:


thrash-metal from São Carlos - Brazil, making noise since 2001.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Society Prison Complex

Society Prison Complex are a Hardcore Punk Grindcore Crust band from germany.

Friday, September 11, 2015

NEGATIVE NERVES - Turning The Gears Of The Suffering Years (2015)

 2015.... the year of me taking my sweet ass time to make an album. well 85 tracks later.. and i'm finished.. i think....?!?!?! here i bring you a shit ton of songs mostly in the punk rock style. some with keyboard drums, some with fruity loops beat annnnnnd some with real drumming. there is a good chunk of experimental stuff going on here. the album starts with acoustic driven material then goes on and off with the paces and style mixtures. over fucking all, we have a piece of musical awesomeness brought to you by one man. note. track 85 is 42 minutes. and its an array of madness and songs mixed together. the whole album clocks in at 2 hours and some change. most of the shit on here is fast, some with angry vocals, some with softer vocals. bits of thrash, hardcore, folk, grind and grunge make up this masterful mess of mayhem. FUCKIN DOWNLOAD THIS SHITE:

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Out now 7" EP - DISKOBRA

DISKOBRA - Dirty raw d-beat crust punk from Hungary with lyrics in their mother language about social issues and ex members HUMAN ERROR, inspired by the scandinavian 80´s bands like MOB 47, PROTES BENGT or DISCARD with a pinch of finnish punk, reminiscent vocal of old classic bands like KAAOS or TERVEET KADET. A little bit special band with their own style. Total hailstorm! The material was taken from their demo tape including two songs from their split CD with DISPLEASE. Coming out on Aback Distribution in this time eight toxic songs, on black vinyl with milk splatter in edition to 500 pieces with the inlay and cover printed on hard paper. Price for one copy 5 Euro without shipping. For the postal order added button with sticker band!! The band will perform a live show at MORE NOISE FOR LIFE vol.10 fest in october. You can check out the recording on their bandcamp profile.
TRADES ARE WELCOME for sure! I love to trade so much!! Or i can also offer a wholesale price.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

P2​?​P38! L'iniziazione Demo

This demo tape version has been released after the band split up. It contains a different tracklist from the original CDR version and some Bonus Tracks.

Link to Streaming and Download:
released 01 March 2015