Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"My friend Ash and her roommate run an animal rescue house , so if interested in adopting an animal get in touch "
Hi guys!  As you may know, me and my roommate, Saige, run our live in Animal Rescue house here in the southeast part of America. We rescue abused, sick, and elderly animals, nurse them back to health, or rehabilitate them from abuse and get them ready to be sweet loving friends for whomever has the heart to take them. After taking a break of adopting out animals this summer, we have rescued a good bit of sweet angels to find homes for during this coming Fall and Winter seasons. 
All of our animals have their shots, are all fixed, and comes with their records and history. The adoption fee is reasonably priced at $25 and we have the capabilities to send them anywhere in the states, whether by car travel, or airlines. 
We have a number of beautiful &affectionate felines.
And about 6 small breed dogs, and a black lab puppy who are looking to be your best friend!  
We also have a black and brown bunny.
Please get in touch with me by email: if you are interested, and we will discuss further what may be appropriate. 
You may also find me and my roommate on 
under the user name, ash4cats&dogs or Saige under: Carecat16 


Saturday, August 27, 2011

ДОСТУПЕН CD: ПАРТиЯ «Восставшие Из Зада» [2011] | CD AVAILABLE NOW: PARTiYA «Assholeraisers» [2011]

ДОСТУПЕН CD: ПАРТиЯ «Восставшие Из Зада» [2011]: краст-панк с элементами грайнда из Минска (Беларусь). Диджипак содержит в себе 20 трэков на диске, фото, буклет с текстами и комментариями. 
Выпущено в августе 2011 при участии дистро/лэйблов [NO BREADS]  / [ПРИМИТИВ-ДИСТРО].
Приобрести диск и тем-самым поддержать группу / обменяться / взять на дистро - для всего этого пишите сюда:
Также, эту запись можно послушать прямо сейчас (обложка и текста включены в файл-архив). 
CD AVAILABLE NOW: PARTiYA «Assholeraisers» [2011]: crust-punk with elements of grind from Minsk (Belarus). Digipack contains 20 tracks on the disc, photo, booklet with lyrics and comments. Released with participation of distro / labels [NO BREADS] / [PRIMITIVE-DISTRO] in august 2011.
To get a CD in order to support the band / trade / take on your distro - feel free to write here:
Also, you can listen to this record right now (the cover and lyrics are included in the archive file).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Katma-Drugi Demo (2011)

 Katma is a DIY HCpunk band formed at the beginning of the year 2009 .
Since then, the band have released two demo recordings:

here's their 2nd Demo (2011)

Agamenon Project - Ask me for the mercy of God!!!

"here's a new release from Agamenon Project and many thx to them for adding us in their booklet"

Está disponível para download gratuito o 2º Ep virtual que se chama “Ask me for the mercy of God” e conta com 3 músicas inéditas mais 5 covers, incluindo uma versão do Circle Jerks que gravei há muito tempo e decidí de última hora colocar no EP. Nesse lançamento tenho o apoio de vários blogs, rádios online e apoio de alguns amigos! Então espero que gostem bastante e se possível conto com a ajuda de todos para a divulgação de mais um lançamento! (Já adianto que tem mais 2 vindo pela frente além de alguns splits que irão sair em breve!). Obrigado de coração à todos que dão um apoio ao Agamenon Project!

Are avaliable to free download the second virtual ep, that’s called “Ask me for the mercy of God” and comes with 3 exclusive songs more 5 covers, incluiding one version of Circle Jerks that was recorded a long time ago, and in the last time I decided put in this EP. In this release i have a big support of many blogs, virtual radios and many friends! So, i hope you like it and if possible i need your help to spread this! (Coming soon will come more 2 virtual EPs and more splits!). Thanx a lot to everybody that, help me with some support to Agamenon Project! Cheers!


- Split CDr with Dor de Ouvido (Brazil) by Noise Mesmo Records and Who Cares? Records
- Split CDr with Bassookah (Netherlands) by Seven times more Scary and Who Cares? Records
- Split CDr with Slaughtergrave (Greece) by Noise Mesmo Records and Who Cares? Records
- Split with Expurgado (Brazil) – More infos coming soon.


- Split CDr with Aftersundown (R$4,00/$3,00/3,00)
- Split CDr with Radical Grind Core Squad (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Split CDr with SxFxCx (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Split CDr with Cum Sock (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Split CDr with Smärtgräns. (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)- Split CDr with Ayaksvoksom (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Split CDr with Goregasmatron (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
-Split CDr with 54R (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Split CDr with Magnitizdat (R$3,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Split CDr with Fokkum (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Pissing the Attitude Compilation (released by Kill Inc Records)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)
- Neurosis – Live at Limelight 1994 N.Y.C. (bootleg available only for trade, 30 copies only)
- 4 way with D.E.S.K.A.R.G.A./Muerta Humanidad/Tom Crust/SxAxM (released by Piratea Y Difunde!)* (R$2,00/$1,00/1,00)

T-shirt (click here to see) only in M and S size. (1 = R$ 25,00/$15,00/10,00) Limited!
I have Patchs for trades!!! (1 = R$2,50/$1,00/1,00)
PayPal accepted! Shipping not inclued!
Write for trades! (click here to see the contacts)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Katma-Demo 2010

Katma is a DIY band formed at the beginning of the year 2009

here's their  first three songs demo

Free demo Electro punx

like to shout about injustice in this , my 8 track demo showiws this , its free including postage , just inbox me or with ur addy , cheers Adda

Konstruktivna Borba #2 Interaktivna verzija za download :D

Veliki pozdrav, prijatelji!!! Pred vama je interaktivna verzija drugog
broja fanzina Konstruktivna Borba, koju mozete besplatno skinuti ovde:

A ako budete zainteresovani za papirnu verziju, javite mi da vam posaljem. Veliki pozdrav!!!

Vladimir :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mountains Of Madness by AUK

Mountains Of Madness by AUK..... A brand new song from AUK and a video collected and edited to go along with it. Thanx again goes to all youtube users. This is the first of the new tracks recorded. There is no plans for a new cd yet. So for all those who like and enjoy AUK : Watch.....Listen and make up your own mind... Johnnomicon ( AUK ) " The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear " HP Lovecraft

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Greetings to everybody! On Total punk rec. was released split CD KAWAKAMI NIGHTMARE (Belarus/Ukraine) & DISGOD (Indonesia)! For trades/orders and any other queastions write to bands or write at: