Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Korrupt (D-Beat) - Demo

D-Beat band from Indonesia.
Check out their demo below which they have shared for free download.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Armed Response Unit - News

Hey riotcorers! Since ARU is taking a little break for a while due to Seeduardo trying to become the King Of Spain - and therefore temporarily relocating to the Canary Islands, Kee had a chance to finally get her side project Noise Complaint up and running full blast: listen to some noize here (, we just uploaded a couple of songs which we recorded sometime ago at practice (bit shittily but you get the idea).
Keep eyes and ears peeled as we will record a proper demo in the next month, and we're planning a UK tour with our mates and partners in crime Flowers Of Flesh And Blood (in our top friends).

So have a listen and tell us what you think of the mayhem occurring when a wild thrasher skater from California with the stage presence of a raging bull and the voice of an institutionalized monkey invades the UK and gets together with an italian mad bitch who uses her bass as a grinder and screams like a cat on crack and with an(other!!) italian 80's hardcore freako who plays the weirdest guitar riffs and still has the guts to squat in 2011 London.
I take this opportunity to remind all you hitting-machines out there, that Noise Complaint is still looking for a stable drummer, and to fit the shoe you must:
-be a crazy fucker
-make time for practice, gigging and touring

Friday, June 17, 2011

Garrafa Vazia (Anarcho Punk) - O Que Restou Da Rua 1 (2011)

-An anarcho punk band from Brazil called Garrafa Vazia have sent us their album to share.

 Check out the album below:
"o que restou da rua 1 (2011)' :

Ask Questions Demand Answers Out July 7th on Righteous Anger Records

We will release "Ask Questions Demand Answers" on July 7th 2011. To coincide with the anniversary of the 2005 London Bombings in which 56 people (including the alleged "bombers") were killed. There are still so many questions, most of which suggest possible government/establishment involvement in the bombings. 

  We want to help raise awareness for this cause, it is of extreme importance. Issues such as the restriction of civil liberties, the ever expanding war on terror, the racist propaganda/general ignorance of so many people about the Muslim community through disgusting agendas via the mainstream media, all of which wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad without 7/7 and of course 9/11 before that; both are highly suspected of being inside jobs. This kind of action by government/establishment is nothing new, throughout history it has been a method used to achieve the goals of the elite at the cost of the people.

  Please take time to look at this is the most up to date and detailed website regarding the issue.
  You could also take a look at although relatively out of date, is still has some good sources.

  This release will be a largely DIY affair (paper sleeves with insert). Two discs; one music, one multimedia. We also have the help of DIY collective label Pumpkin Records and Riotska Records with this release. We plan on getting this everywhere, with each band and labels having copies to do what they wish with. Some bands may wish charge a small price to help themselves out on tour (we understand how hard things can get!), some may just hand them out for free. We will charge postage via our website, so basically it's free. 

Bands featured (in no particular order):

Oi Polloi
Dead Subverts*
Global Parasite 
Black Star Dub Collective 
Cradle To The Rave*
Burnt Cross 
Bring To Ruins*
Finite Death*
Bruva Grimm*
Moral Dilemma
Down To Kill 
Hello Bastards 
Total Bloody Chaos
Same Old Steve 
Power Is Poison
Ram Man 
Beng Beng Cocktail 

More information on disc 2 (multimedia disc) when it's in your hands ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

UNTIMES #2: d-beat/crust-punk zine

D-beat/crust-punk zine из Беларуси (Гомель). Зин на русском языке, прямо сейчас доступен для скачивания! [СКАЧАТЬ]

D-beat/crust-punk zine from Belarus (Gomel city). Zine in russian language. Right now it is available for download!

Friday, June 10, 2011

40oz. FOLKLORE "Something's Wrong With This Picture" Out Now !!!

40oz. FOLKLORE just released a 11 song CD...
titled, "Something's Wrong With This Picture".

If interested in obtaining a copy, please e-mail us:
Check Out New Tracks From  "Something's Wrong With This Picture".

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Art of Anti-Animosity

Check out
Art of Anti-Animosity
A place to find yourself on canvas. Some of my paintings show the abstract self image; the light and darkness that is within us all. I also expose my personal beliefs on canvas, which you may share as well, being anti- Estblishment. Take a look, and perhaps discover a piece you want to call your own. All art by Ashley Armstrong Anyone interested in purchasing a painting or drawing can get in touch with me personally by emailing me. ASHDISRUPTER@HOTMAIL.COM

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Righteous Anger Records News

Coming July 7th we have "Ask Questions Demand Answers". This is a fully DIY two disc compilation (one music, one data-multimedia) to raise awareness for the 2005 London Bombings truth campaign. We also have contributions from Oi Polloi, P.A.I.N, Subhumans, Conflict and so many more, all sorts; from Anarcho to folk, from Hip hop to industrial. There is unreleased material from From The Cradle To The Rave, Luvdump and several more. It will be available from us at the cost of postage (so free!) and each band will have copies to do what they wish with, along with the other labels. There will be a download version containing everything you get with the hardcopy. Watch the spaces in the next few weeks for more information popping up about this, such as cover art and other info.

We also have a split cd from Dead Subverts and Global Parasite in the pipeline for the end of the summer. 5 songs each.

We recently released the NIS/Warpath split 7", we were the only UK label involved. NIS are stoner crust (by that we mean, more riffage less noise) and Warpath are straight up full on crust, done really well. Both bands are Italian. We are already running low on stock, it's a belter. Go here for more info:

That's all for now. I'll waffle less next time.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Crise Total - News and Free Download

In conjunction with Nacion-Libre we've put up two cd's for free download,the 1996 "E a crise continua" released by Fast'n'Loud and the 2008 celebration of our 25th year cd "Bem viva no R.R.V." witch has recordings done in the early '80's live released by Subsoundz,both in one handy to download zip folder with both artworks in it.
Also we'd like to announce that Zerowork Recs and Can I say Recs will release sometime soon a vinyl 7 inch with us and American Punk legends White Flag,initially it was supposed to be a split with Brasil's Agrotoxico but there were delays and we thought we can always release another one with them at a later date.
And we hope to play a mini-tour in October in Portugal with a gig in Lisbon and another one in Porto. ACT,RESIST'N'FIGHT!!/AGE,RESISTE E LUTA!!
Info & Download Page:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ПАРТиЯ: ищем лэйблы для издания винила! | PARTiYA: search for labels to release a vinyl!

ПАРТиЯ «ВОССТАВШИЕ ИЗ ЗАДА» - новая запись краст-панк группы из Беларуси. Сделана в апреле 2011-го года: 20 песен примерно на 20 минут. Прямо сейчас вы можете услышать несколько новых песен ПАРТИИ: "съешь себя!" и "власть" (две первые песни в MP3 плеере этого блога). На данный момент, мы в поиске лэйблов для издания десятидюймовой пластинки. Уже подписались: «SM Musik», «Trümmer Pogo», «Wahnfried Rec.» (все из Германии) и «MiraVoice Rec.» (Украина).  Для издания пластинки необходимо участие ещё нескольких лэйблов из разных стран мира. Кто готов помочь в издании, просьба писать сюда: Надеемся на вашу поддержку!
 PARTiYA «ASSHOLERAISERS» - a new record of crust-punk band from Belarus. It was recorded in april 2011. There are 20 songs that take about 20 mins. Right now you can check some new songs of PARTiYA "eat yourself!" and "authority" (first 2 songs in the MP3 player of this blog)! Now we are looking for labels to release 10 inch vinyl. «SM Musik», «Trümmer Pogo», «Wahnfried Rec.» (all of them are from Germany) and «MiraVoice Rec.» (Ukraine) have already agreed to help us. It is necessary to find some more labels from different countries to issue this 10 inch. Who is ready to help, please, write to  We hope you will support us!