Saturday, June 18, 2011

Armed Response Unit - News

Hey riotcorers! Since ARU is taking a little break for a while due to Seeduardo trying to become the King Of Spain - and therefore temporarily relocating to the Canary Islands, Kee had a chance to finally get her side project Noise Complaint up and running full blast: listen to some noize here (, we just uploaded a couple of songs which we recorded sometime ago at practice (bit shittily but you get the idea).
Keep eyes and ears peeled as we will record a proper demo in the next month, and we're planning a UK tour with our mates and partners in crime Flowers Of Flesh And Blood (in our top friends).

So have a listen and tell us what you think of the mayhem occurring when a wild thrasher skater from California with the stage presence of a raging bull and the voice of an institutionalized monkey invades the UK and gets together with an italian mad bitch who uses her bass as a grinder and screams like a cat on crack and with an(other!!) italian 80's hardcore freako who plays the weirdest guitar riffs and still has the guts to squat in 2011 London.
I take this opportunity to remind all you hitting-machines out there, that Noise Complaint is still looking for a stable drummer, and to fit the shoe you must:
-be a crazy fucker
-make time for practice, gigging and touring