Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Agamenon Project / Korrüpt split coming soon !!!

Agamenon Project - Coming soon ...

Em breve em lançamento virtual e CDR! / Coming soon in virtual release and CDR
Em breve também, split CDR com Korrüpt (Indonésia) / Coming soon too, split CDR with Korrüpt (Indonesia)


01.Intro (entering the gates of dbeat madness)
03.Mother to the kamikaze (pasukan bunuh diri)
04.Die efforts
05.Dismiracle (d.i.y)
06.Terrorismo ultimatum
07.End of day
08. Step of annihilation
09.The final war (warvictims cover)



Já está nas ruas o split 7" entre as bandas veteranas do Punk/HC White Flag e Crise Total!
Ambas as bandas nasceram em 1983 e são uma referência da cena Punk.
Os americanos White Flag de LA, que já visitaram a Europa por algumas vezes, têm no seu curriculo dezenas de lançamentos e um percurso que se cruza com bandas como Social Distortion,Germs, Bad Religion ou Melvins, sempre marcados pela sua postura polémica e provocante. 3 temas que mostram a banda num pico de forma fabuloso.
Quanto aos Portugueses Crise Total, banda de culto do underground Português e pioneiros do Movimento Anarcho-Punk nacional, têm aqui o seu primeiro registo com a mais recente formação que inclui os membros originais Manolo (voz) e Rui Ramos (guitarra), para além da "nova" secção ritmica com Rattus dos Albert Fish (baixo) e Johnny dos Asfixia (bateria),duas faxas com a usual constetacao social e protesto anti-capitalista a que sempre nos habituaram.


It's already out the split 7" between veteran HC/Punk bands White Flag and Crise Total!
Both were born in 1983 and both are a reference of the International Punk scene.
The Americans White Flag who are LA natives have visited Europe quite a few times and have in their portfolio tenths of releases and have over the years crossed ways with such bands as Social Distortion,Germs,Bad Religion and the Melvins amongst many others,their shows always marked by their polemic posture and their thought provoking themes,3 tracks that show them at their best.
As for the Portuguese Crise Total,a cult band from the Portuguese underground and pioneers of the Anarcho-Punk Movement in that country we have here their first record with their new line-up since 2008 with original members Manolo(vocals) and Rui Ramos(guitar) and the new recruits Rattus(bass) from Albert Fish and Johnny(drums) from Asfixia,Simbiose,2 tracks showing their anti-capitalistic/political stance as always.

Edição/Released by: Zerowork Recs, Can I Say Records, Your Poison Records, Oi! Shop.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Burnt Out Compilation I

I'm very pleased to announce that the first release from A World We Never Made and the first volume of Burnt Out Compilations is now available for immediate download in a file type of your choice for a suggested donation of just £2. Featuring 28 bands from London and the South East. It's been along time coming but I'm sure it will be worth the wait!  Please share the fuck out of this, anywhere and everywhere, all over the web, on your website, blog, twitter, tumblr, facebook you know the score! Physical release will be along shortly, plus a release show to promote it. Thanks for your continued support, now go buy it!!

The sales of this download will go into putting on an all-day festival showcasing some of the bands involved. The money made from the festival will go to IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) and ABC (Anarchist Black Cross Brighton).

If you like any of the bands on this download please support them, buy their stuff and go see them play. KEEP THE UK DIY PUNK SCENE ALIVE!!!
Support Underground DIY Music!!!

A World We Never Made (DIY Label/Blog)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas ???...

Occupy Christmas !!!
And tell $anta to FUCK OFF !!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

E.N.D. - Skeletons From Your Past (CD-EP) (2011)

5 Brand New Tracks From E.N.D., On This CD-EP The Sytle Is A Bit More Toned Down Than The "Every Nation Damned" CD. I Went For Clean Guitars And I Guess You Would Say Kinda A Surfy Punk Sound Crossed With Oi! Or Something. Anyhow, I Hope You Enjoy My New Stuff. DOWNLOAD:


M.O.L.D. - Doomed From The Start (2011)

Maine Freestyle Doom Punk Surf Sludge!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


" reposted from"

Mixtapes for ACEH

Aceh punks in detention
We read the news about punks being apprehended and detained in the Aceh region of Indonesia recently, and like many of you, were extremely disturbed at the thought of the police sweeping these kids off the street, shaving their hair, and forcing them into some sort of bullshit military training to deprogram them.  We are privileged to live in a society where we are free to express ourselves as we wish, and while the US and other Western states have their fair share of police injustice, this incident is a harsh reminder to how good we really have it.  That is why we are starting a small initiative in solidarity with our friends overseas, to let them know that we stand behind them and fully support them.
The mixtape is a crucial part of our subculture, and is solely responsible for the spread of punk influence worldwide.  Mixtapes have introduced myself and many others to so many amazing bands, and the act of making them is one of the most sincere forms of friendship that exist in our world.  So, we are asking our friends, our community, and anyone else who remotely gives a shit to make and donate one mixtape cassette to the kids in Aceh who were forced into detention solely for being punk. It’s a small gesture, but it means a lot to people who need our support.  The content entirely of their choosing as long as it’s somewhat falling in the punk/hardcore/crust genre.  If you have an awesome tape you never listen to anymore, or would like to make a new one specifically for this endeavor, that would absolutely rule.  We are collecting these tapes to send out in early January, so your deadline to submit is December 30th, 2011.  We know that the post office is fucked right now with holiday shipping, but right after xmas it frees up largely, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  Please try and pack as much music onto these tapes as possible, and try to avoid sending a short 10-min long demo cassette.  This is an out-of pocket initiative for me (Rob) personally, and I’d like to make what we send as substantial as possible.  And include your address in the tape, you might just make an international buddy out of the process!

***NOTE: Please do not send t-shirts, CD’s in Jewel Cases, vinyl, or anything else outside of a mixtape or a burned CDR in an envelope.  We need all submissions to be media so we qualify for the right shipping.  If you do send shirts or anything else we can’t use we will donate them elsewhere.  We only have the bandwidth to deal with qualifying media. Thanks!***

 You can send your mixtapes to our label address:
Aborted Society Records
attn: Mixtapes for Aceh
1122 E. Pike Street #1377
Seattle, WA 98122-3934
We are currently investigating the best way to get these over there safely, so if you have any specific ideas please email us and let us know.  Thanks for listening, we really encourage your participation, and hope that something like this can never happen again.
Stay strong, stay fucking punk.
xoxo ABSO

Monday, December 5, 2011



Liberty Deceit is a 2 person d.i.y. punk band collaborating through music to express their hate towards the disgraceful & shameless authoritarians of our human race.
With a passion to expose some truth & injustice to a blindly led world, we are currently in the process of recording a 6 song E.P. to be released sometime in 2012.

Liberty Deceit will be featured in the international punk compilation 'Emergency Attack' due out Dec 2011 from Varken Records!

Friday, December 2, 2011

KORRÜPT-live tracks 2011

contains 10 live tracks ..which was recorded using a digital video camera and then changed its format, at the time of exercise studio.. bring the noishit sounds from Borneo,there are some sample songs from the ep (step of Annihilation) inside it, INTRO,GENOCIDE, END OF DAY, MOTHER TO THE KAMIKAZE, DISMIRACLE (DIY), AND TERRORISMO ULTIMATUM. .which will soon be available on cd's powered by PTK DISTRIBUTION & KRUUST HORNIER. 

3 songs in it like, HELL IS THOU, RELIGION WARS, and WAR&VIOLENCE .. been in use on 3way split tape (ZUDASKRUST / / TO-DIE / / KORRUPT), and 2way split cd (QUARTO POTERE / / KORRUPT)