Monday, July 27, 2015

DISGRAÇA - Lisbon DIY Center

Give us a hand building a much needed DIY space!
Please contribute and spread the word <3

Nervous Mothers

Powerviolence from Antwerp, Belgium

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feral Crust Autonomous Space (Philippines)

We currently run a community based autonomous space in slum area of Taguig, Philippines.

Though by next year we are planning to move in the edges of Davao City
aiming to setup a small permaculture land project, an infoshop and social
center based in the countryside, much closer to nature.

In relation to land project, we are starting to edit a handbook about
natural healing for common illnesses using herbal remedies that are
locally grown. Furthermore, we also want to include a bit of political
perspective and other vital information related to do-it-yourself healing.

Few of our sources which inspired as to make a handbook are radical and
informative publications such as Rina Nissim's Natural Healing in
Gynecology, Yeast of your worries: A Yeast Infection Survival Handbook by
Erica Zelfand, and Threads: Changes During the Menstrual Cycle; Feminism
and Anatomy; Medical Model of Menstruation; Politics of so-called PMS by
Lisa. Such important material are quiet rare to find out here. And we
think it is very useful and helpful to publish one reclaiming health and
well-being, socially and ecologically.

We wish to publish a handbook which gives information relevant to our
local context and we need support for printing and distribution.

If so you can help us about this matter, please get in touch. We are happy
to make friends, to make connection in an intimate and mutual way hoping
to deepen further solidarity across borders.

We hope to circulate the handbook to our friends in the city and
countryside, to our family, to our neighborhood, to autonomous activists
and immediate network such as local infoshops and autonomous spaces.

 Love, solidarity and respect,
Feral Crust collective

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Share Your Needles

Share Your Needles are a crust band from ghent (belgium)


deathcrust from antwerp (belgium)

Suffer Damage

 punk from belgium.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Extinct - demo 2015

Extinct (powerviolence/hardcore/punk)  from germany .
They realeased their demo a few weeks ago, and it is for free.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


International D.I.Y. punk compilations, featuring 21 bands .
D.I.Y., Anarcho, Punk, DBeat, HCpunk Crust, Thrash, Powerviolence, Grindcore

 Available as FREE DOWNLOAD.
"a collaborative project between KLINIK 66 and C.R.A.P. "
Abominations all over (Belgium) Albert fish (Portugal) Arquivo morto (Brazil) Bömbärdeo (Chile) Bud2aY (Poland) Civilian Boots (Indonesia) Crise total (Portugal) End Of Ernie (Belgium) Estereotipo Degollao (Chile) Fokkum (Netherlands) Gritando kaos (chile) Heädshöt (Mexico) Missiles of October (Belgium) PWRTL (Sweden) [P.U.T.] (Belgium) Sick of you (Indonesia) The gorgets punk lady (Indonesia) Theist (Indonesia) Warattack (Indonesia) What I want (Brazil) Xcenerex (Italy)


We hope to release it early next month ( july2015 ).

international D.I.Y. punk compilations, that'll be available for free download.
D.I.Y., Anarcho, Punk, DBeat, HCpunk Crust, Thrash, Powerviolence, Grindcore

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Prisoner 639