Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Arquivo Morto - Falsa democracia

Arquivo Morto - Hard Core - Powerviolence - Brazil

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MAKESYOUSICK - Swallowed By Shadows (2013)

My Latest Works!....25 Tracks...25 Minutes...The Style Is A Bit Hard To Explain, I Guess It's Along The Lines Of A Jug Band Minus The Jug And With Hardcore Punk Tracks As Well,,Folkcore Punk Experimental. A Pretty Interesting Mix Of Tunes Including Noise Tracks. A Bit On The Psychedelic Side Of Things. A Rather Rare Glimpse Into 1 Unstable Man's Brain... Lyric Wise There Are A Decent Amount Of Angry Outcast Themes With A Few Lighthearted Rants As Well. If You Care To Take An Interesting Journey DOWNLOAD This..(*For A Limited Time):

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tribünal "FTW" EP out now / Tribünal "FTW" ab sofort erhältlich

As of now Tribünal’s debut-release “FTW” is available as free digital-download (via bandcamp) or on 3”-CDR. The ep features four blasts of raw dbeat - nothing fancy, no gimmicks, only primitive and brutal hardcore-punk. Recorded, mixed and mastered 100% DIY.

The tracklist:
1. Braindead
2. Eat Shit & Die
3. Superficial Scum
4. Fuck Your Faith
Tribünal was founded in April 2013. The only member of the project, S., has been active in a variety of metal-, hardcore- and noise/power-electronics-projects in the Hannover area in Germany since 1998.
Please refer to the ep in your news- or reviews-section. If you need an actual physical medium for a review, just message me and I’ll mail out an cd-r.

Thanks in advance.

Ab sofort ist Tribünals erste EP “FTW” als kostenloser Download (über die Bandcamp-Seite) oder als 3”-CDR erhältlich. Die EP bietet vier Mal rohen D-Beat-Sound - ohne Experimente, ohne Gimmicks, primitiv und brutal. Aufnahme, Mix und Mastering 100% DIY.

Die Tracklist:
1. Braindead
2. Eat Shit & Die
3. Superficial Scum
4. Fuck Your Faith
Tribünal wurde im April 2013 gegründet. Das einizige Bandmitglied S. (alle Instrumente und Gesang) ist seit 1998 in diversen Hardcore- und Metal-Bands sowie in einigen Noise/Power-Electronics-Projekten im Raum Hannover aktiv (gewesen).

Es wäre nett, wenn ihr in euren News auf die EP hinweisen würdet. Ein Review wäre natürlich auch tiptop. Bei Interesse schicke ich auch gerne eine CD-R rum.

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

Boneyard Bastards

 Boneyard Bastards are a diy punk and old school rock band from Dublin.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Revolution NOW !

In a society where the law upholds exploitation and order supports injustice and fascism,
we must by necessity break the chains that confine us and others to slavery and injustice.
If we be called criminals because we seek this, then let history judge us , but let us not support slavery , let us die in furtherance of freedom. Let us break the chains that bind.
Revolution NOW!