Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News - Crise Total-30th anniversar​y

Libertarian salutations my friends,if possible and if you have the time please divulge that the up-coming year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary,we will start the year with just a couple of gigs but more will follow throughout the year as well we have a 7" split also planned to come out sometime in 2013 too,we're in conversations with a big name from Brazil!
So on the 11th of January we are to have a party/gig at the Ritz Club in Lisbon with us headlining it and with guests,all good friends of the band through out its existence,among them Simbiose,Albert Fish,Acromaniacos and Dr.Bifes E Os Psicopratas.
On the 12th we are gonna be going for the 1st time ever to a festival and a Metal one at that!Go figure,this is one ofr Unity so to speak...haha...the 19th HardMetalFest is probably the oldest and heaviest Metalfest in Portugal and this year we will be playing amongst names like Master(Usa)Contradiction(Ger)Dawnrider(Por)Simbiose(Por)and another 6 bands,it should be a proper knees-up affair!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

EXCYSTENCH Hardcore/ Power Violence Project

EXCYSTENCH Is A Fuck Around Hardcore Power Violence Project From The Deep Woods Of Maine.. EXCYSTENCH Is 100 % D.I.Y. Antisocial On The Spot Madness.......Chaos Punk Meets Dis-Gutteral Violence! BLAAAAARRRGGHHH!!!
...............Thank's For Listening To This Noise

Nuclear Picnic - Everyday (*Color Version) (2012)

A Music Video For Nuclear Picnic's - Everyday (*Color Ver.) By Jeff Poliquin Oct 14th 2012. Nuclear Picnic As You May Know Is One Of My Many Solo Projects. This Track Is 1 Of 2 Of The Softest Sounding. Check Out And Download The Album "Anyone For Lunch?" @

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kompost (Italian Crust punk/D-beat) - Demo (2012)

Kompost are an Italian Crust punk/D-beat band , from Treviso (near Venice) and started to play this year.
Here is their first demo (D.I.Y.)
Free download: 
(for other contacts: )

Monday, October 8, 2012

FOKKUM = COMPLETE AGAIN + Rehearsal with some new songs!

Dear people,

It is time, Fokkum is compleet again !!!

Saturday the 6th of october was our first rehearsing session together...
And we already made a fat rehearsal...

New line-up: different sound !
---> A couple of new songs included !

Check our new rehearsal-songs here: <<-----
(Scroll down).
And on Myspace.

-Ries: drums/vocals.
-Lisa: Distortion-bass (B-string).
-Hans: 5-string clean bass.
-Thijn: Guitar.

Persevering pays off !
I told you so. :-)

Ries & Fokkum.
Beste mensen,

Het is zover, Fokkum is weer compleet !!!

Zaterdag 6 oktober hebben we voor het eerst met z'n allen geoefend...
En meteen een dikke rehearsal opgenomen...

Nieuwe line-up: andere en brutere sound !
---> Een aantal nieuwe songs er bij !

Check de nieuwe rehearsal-songs hier: <<-----
(Scroll naar onder).
En op Myspace.

-Ries: drums/vocals.
-Lisa: Distortion-bass (B-string).
-Hans: 5-string clean bass.
-Thijn: Guitar.

Ik zei het toch. :-)

----->> BOEK ONS ! ! !

Ries & Fokkum.

Check out Integrationsresistent !!!

Integrationsresistent is a 5 piece diy band based in vienna.
Integrationsresistent started as a 4 people side project. After a few practices we knew that we want to go on with this band and take it more serious. Unfortunately our first singer was/is quite busy with other stuff and did not have the time to play in two active bands. So we decided after the first show to look for a new singer and we found two. The final lineup was done by the end of march 2012!
We are against any kind of fascism, sexism, homophobia, nationalism and racism!
We believe that it is important to keep on fighting for a better world and to destroy this fucked up system we live in.
If you like our music feel free to get in contact! We are nice easy people and always happy to play shows! We prefer diy venues, but we also know that this is not always possible!


Friday, October 5, 2012

14 Oktober 2012 Belgische gemeente -, districts - en provincieraadsverkiezingen

Zondag 14 Oktober 2012 
Stemrecht, GEEN stemplicht !!!
Denk zelf, stem NIET !!!
Fuck all authority, Give us Anarchy, Peace, Freedom, Equality !!!