Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farce Tangled Banner - Waste...Of Time (2003)

HAHAHA!......... Here Is One Of My First Solo Projects.. I Call It Bongo Violence.... Its Absolute Noise Chaos Freestyle Power Violence Nothingness. But Strangely After All These Years I Still Find It Entertaining... I Mean Come On. Just Wildly Playing Guitar, Not Knowing How To Play Very Well At The Time And Not Trying To Play Well. Haha, And Then You Have The Bongo Drum Beats And Crazy Screaming All Via Me Myself And I. 53 Tracks Of Pure Nonsense. Score It If You Would Like. GET ME:

Subhuman Noize - promo EP (2012)

Free Download:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bloom To Wilt - Life Is A Mystery (CD-EP)

The New EP From Jeff.......... This Was The Result Of Two Nights Chilling With Myself And Some PBR's. Amongst Other Things Like An Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Harmonica And Other Stuff. This Was Something I Just Slapped Together. It's Rather Random And Pointless. But I Sorta Like That Kinda Stuff. Spontaneous Is Good. Anyhow. DOWNLOAD If You Dare:

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Black Trinity from Thessaloniki, Greece deliver one track of raw black metal that sounds like it was taken from a lost Mayhem early recording, Cancer Spreading from Italy
lay waste with old-school crust in the vein of Axegrinder and early Bolt Thrower. Amazing artwork by ADMC07, pressed in 500 copies, co-released with: Goodbye Mankind, Scimmia Bastarda, Sick Punk productions, Deathcrush distro, Zas records, Aback, Alcoholic Desaster, Scull Crasher and We Dont Fight It.
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