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monday, november 28, 2016
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The perfect time to purchase Nothing is on the Monday after Black Friday, International Cyber Nothing Day. That day is after all the day of protest par excellence of anyone who opposes consumerism, the pursuit of economic growth, the power of big business, the 24-hour-stress society, the seven-day sales week and a life in the service of economy.

Download our Cyber Nothing Day pamphlets here :
Includes  JPG's like below and print ready PDF's with 4 pamplets on a page, 
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eng version: monday 27 nov , 2017 pamphlets

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SLUDGE NOISE: [P.U.T] "Like animals" US CD reissue out now!

Reissue of 5th LP from
Sludge / Noise / Punk band


OUT NOW!!! Cimmerian Shade Recordings 
On November 13th Cimmerian Shade Recordings are set to re-release French Sludge/Noise/Punk band
[P.U.T]'s 5th LP "Like Animals".
Originally released in 2012, the "Like Animals" reissue includes 3 bonus tracks taken from [P.U.T]'s "IT - EP", also released in 2012, nudging the album running time to just over an hour.

Two brothers from Paris and Brussels have been at the core of [P.U.T] since the band's formation in 1998, constructing & deconstructing their music over the duration of the band's career. They have now released 5 full length albums, 8 maxis, 2 live, 7" and various sound experiments of noise, sludge-metal, industrial and punk creating their own niche that
does not disavow their influences (Godflesh,
Killing joke, Sonic Youth, Scorn and Unsane).
-Sound Loaded With Madness- 
-Heaviness And Vehemence-
Intense, raw, dirty, disturbing... 
On stage the band reveals its power, [P.U.T] have performed at more than 170 shows in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany.
Cover art and track listing can be found below.
A Teaser Video for the "Like Animals" Reissue can be seen
Keep an eye out for [P.U.T]'s 6th LP coming to
[P.U.T]'s full back catalog is available now through their bandcamp page: 

01. In The Lake (03:07)
02. Zoo (09:21)
03. Exuvia (03:36)
04. There's A Mammoth In This Room (05:50)
05. IT (04:08)
06. Like Animals (04:56)
07. Broke A Line (05:19)
08. It Ain't Gonna Be Fun (06:35)
09. Rapture Of The Deep "In The Lake"
(Remake By Azuki)- Bonus Track (02:51)
10. Broke A Line (Remix by Garlic.wav)- Bonus Track (05:19)
11. Zoo (Dub mix by NE555)- Bonus Track (09:22)

[ P . U . T ]
Bass/Vocals/Effects: Beyet Lionel 
Guitar/Vocals/Effects: Beyet Nicolas 
Guitar/Sampler: Beyet Loïc

For much of their career, the core of [ P.U.T ] has been 2 brothers, living in Paris / Brussels, who have been constructing/deconstructing music since 1998. Through the use of machines/guitars they have created their own niche that incorporates noise, sludge-metal, industrial and punk to create a sound loaded with madness, heaviness and vehemence.

Personal and without concessions, their extensive and varied discography includes 5 albums, 8 maxis, 2 live, 7" and various other sound experiments, does not disavow their influences (which include: Godflesh, Killing joke, Sonic Youth, Scorn and Unsane).

While their recorded material makes a notable impact on the listener, it is on stage where the band reveals its power, making more noise than 4-5 piece musicians: intense, raw, dirty, disturbing...
More than 170 shows in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany.

They have play with: SCORN (UK), Ufomammut (IT), Akimbo (USA), Burning Heads, Year of No light, Altar of Plague (UK), Ultraphallus (BE), Anorak, Pneumatic Head Compressor (BE), Membrane, K-Branding (BE), Io Monade (It), Kapitain Korsakov (BE), Lab°, Last Minute to Jaffna (IT), Grant National (DE), Grrzzz, Lucky Funeral (GR), Black Bomb A, Muckrackers, René Binamé, PPZ30, Punish Yourself, Sungrazer (NL), LTNo, Comity, Zenzile, Tamtrum, Edwood Jr, General Lee and many others!


For interview requests contact: 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Creative Waste (grindcore from Saudi Arabia)

Creative Waste are a grindcore band from Saudi Arabia

Friday, November 13, 2015

Estampida Libertaria (Costa Rica)

Spontane - "Mojra"(2014)

Spontane are from warsaw (Poland), since 2003.

Nephyla (female Grindcore Mexico)

Nephyla is a female Grindcore Death band, from Oaxaca, Mexico. The project was created by Val (drums) in 2000, focused on Grindcore.

Nephyla - Código del Phylo "EP"

Multinational Corporations


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pigskinner - One Man Grindcore Band Greece

Pigskinner is a one man Grindcore band from Athens, Greece

Friday, November 6, 2015

[anarchistblackcross​greece] 10 years abc greece - 10 años cna grecia

( text into English, Greek, Polish, French, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, German & Bulgarian)

Announcement of the anarchist black cross for the last 10 years of continuous presence in Greece.
We would like to inform you that these last months we have created a new website, which has not been perfected yet but with your contribution it can be done. We accept your texts and updates for publication at : As communication mail you can use our oldest mail: Also, comrades from other countries can communicate with us in english at the same email for anything they need.
Your support is more than necessary to our project.
Till the demolition of the very last prison.
October 2015
Komunikat organizacji Anrchistyczny Czarny Krzyż działającej od dziesięciu lat w Grecji.
Chcielibyśmy poinformować, że w przeciągu ostatnich miesięcy powstała nowa strona internetowa naszej organizacji. Każdy może wnieść w nią swój wkład przesyłając teksty i inne informacje do publikacji pod adresem
W każdej innej sprawie czekamy na  maile pod naszym starym
Twoje wsparcie jest niezbędne do pełnej realizacji naszego projektu.
Do uwolnienia ostatniego więźnia politycznego.
Październik 2015
Ανακοίνωση του αναρχικού μαύρου σταυρού για τα 10 τελευταία χρόνια συνεχόμενης παρουσίας στην Ελλάδα.
Θα θέλαμε να σας πληροφορήσουμε ότι τους τελευταίους μήνες δημιουργήσαμε καινούρια ιστοσελίδα, η οποία δεν έχει τελειοποιηθεί ακόμα αλλά και με την συμβολή σας θα γίνει και αυτό. Δεχόμαστε κείμενα και ενημερώσεις προς δημοσίευση από εσάς στο: Ως mail επικοινωνίας μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιείτε το παλιότερο mail μας : Επίσης στο ίδιο email  μπορούν να μας απευθύνονται σύντροφοι από άλλες χώρες για οτιδήποτε χρειαστούν, στην αγγλική γλώσσα κατά προτίμηση…
Η στήριξή σας θεωρείτε και είναι παραπάνω από αναγκαία για το εγχείρημά μας…
Ως το γκρέμισμα και της τελευταίας φυλακής…
Οκτώβριος 2015
Annonce de la croix noire anarchiste pour les 10 dernières années de présence consécutive en Grèce.
On voudrait vous informer que ces derniers mois nous avons créé un nouveau site Web, qui n’a pas encore été mis au point; néanmoins,  avec votre contribution on y arrivera. On pourrait recevoir de votre part des textes à publier et des rapports sur des actualités En tant que moyen de communication, vous pouvez nous contacter sur notre ancienne mail: En plus, au même email, nos camarades provenant d’autres pays peuvent nous rejoindre, et qu’ils nous écrivaient en anglais par préférence …
Votre soutien est considéré et deviens en réalité plus que nécessaire pour notre projet …
Jusqu’à la démolition de la dernière prison …
Comunicado de la cruz negra anarquista para los últimos 10 años de presencia continua en Grecia.
Nos gustaría informaros de que en los últimos meses hemos creado una nueva pagina web y que con la contribución de  cada un@ de nosotr@s se irán enriqueciendo los contenidos.
Aceptamos textos y actualizaciones por vuestra parte para su publicación en:
Podéis seguir utilizando nuestro correo de comunicación de siempre:
También en el mismo correo pueden dirigirse tod@s nuestr@s compañer@s de otros países por todo lo que necesiten, de preferencia en inglés …
Vuestro apoyo es más que necesario para nuestro intento …
Hasta la demolición de la última prisión …
Octubre 2015
Anuntarea crucea nearga anarhist in ultimii 10 ani consecutivi in Grecia.
Dorim sa va informam ca in ultimele luni am creat un site nou,care inca nu a fost definit,dar cu ajutorul      dumneavoastra va fii!! Acceptam texte si actualizari pentru publicare din partea dumneavoastra Pentru a putea comunica cu noi,puteti folosi si e-mail nostru vechi:
De asemenea pe e-mail vechi se pot adresa prieteni de pretutindeni.
Sprijinul dumneavoastra este mai mult decat necesar pentru asocierea noastra…
Ca demolarea ultimei inchisori….
Anarchikos Crucea nearga
Octombrie 2015
Annuncio della croce nera anarchica per l’ultimo decennio
di continua presenza in Grecia.
Vorremmo informarvi che gli ultimi mesi abbiamo creato un
nuovo sito, il quale non e` stato ancora perfezionato ma si effettuerra` anche con il vostro contributo. Accettiamo testi e rimodernamenti per pubblicazione da voi al :
Come email di contatto potete usare il nostro vecchio email:
Inoltre, compagni da altri paesi ci possono contattare allo stesso email per qualsiasi cosa che abbiano bisogno, in inglese se sia possibile…
Il vostro sostegno si considera ed e` piu` che necessario per il nostro attentato…
Fino al crollo dell’ ultima galera…
Ottobre 2015
Bericht über die zehnjährigen kontinuierlichen Präsenz  des anarchistischen schwarzen Kreuzes in Griechenland.
Liebe Genossen -innen, wir möchten euch informieren, dass wir die letzten Monate eine neue Webseite angelegt haben , die noch nicht fertig ist, aber die wird bald durch eure Mitwirkung und Hilfe vollendet werden. Unter der E-mail nehmen wir Texte und Berichte an, die zu wiederveröffentichen sind. Ihr könnt uns unter unserer vorherigen E-mail Adresse erreichen. Zudem können sich andere Genossen -innen , die aus anderen Ländern kommen, darunter an uns wenden(es wäre besser auf Englisch), wenn sie irgendwas von uns brauchen. Wir betrachten eure Unterstützung als unentbehrlich und erforderlich, was unseren Kampf und unsere Bemühungen angeht.
Bis zum Abbau des letzten Gefängnisses.
anarchistisches schwarzes kreuz griechenland
Oktober 2015
Съобщение от ABC (Анархистки Черен Кръст) за присъствието му в Гърция през последните 10 години. Искаме да ви информираме, че през последните месеци ние работихме върху нов сайт. Той все още не е изцяло завършен, но с ваша помощ това може да стане. Очакваме ваши текстове и новини за публикация на: За комуникация с нас можете да ползвате нашия стар Е-мейл адрес: Можете да се свържете с нас и като ни пращате мейли на: Съмишлениците от други страни могат да ни пишат на същия Е-мейл и на английски език за всичко, от което имат нужда. Вашата помощ е повече от нужна за нашия проект. Ще продължаваме докато се срине и последния затвор. Анархистки Черен Кръст