Saturday, January 26, 2019

Matrak AttaKK / Ascidie split 2018

Matrak AttaKK are a Political crust grind band from Liege , Belgium.
you can check their side from their split here.


Ascidie are a DBeat / punk band from Grenoble , France.
you can check their side of the split here:

Orde Primates

Orde Primates are a HC punk band from the Netherlands, check them out here:

De Tegenpartij

De Tegenpartij are a HC punk band from the Netherlands you can check them out here:

Fake News

Fake News are a d.i.y. punk band from Portugal check out their stuff !!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Arquivo Morto - Segredos da Dominação 2018

Arquivo Morto have released their E.P. "Segredos da Dominação" in April 2018, 
you can check it out here:

STRUGGLE SESSION, Beijing based Powerviolence, Grind band.

STRUGGLE SESSION, Beijing based Powerviolence etc band. Have been playing for a couple of years, playing tours in Morroco, Spain and Korea as well as all over China

They have a split 7" with Brazilian grindcore legends TEST.  Listen to the album here here:

And another 7" with South Korean grindcore beasts ARRYAM. They are  a super fun band that mix intense blast beats with an occasional disco section. Listen to the split here:
Enjoy the tunes!!!

"Pequeña historia de la resistencia feminista/queer radical desde los '60 hasta hoy"

Estrategias de  resistencia y ataque. Pequeña historia de la resistencia feminista/queer radical desde los años 60 hasta hoy. Alex B.

“Estrategias de resistencia y ataque” nos hace un tremendo recorrido histórico y teórico por las luchas radicales e insurgentes de personas trans, maricas y bolleras en EEUU y Europa en contra de aquello que las oprime, dejando a un lado la historia oficial que las encuadra en meras disputas por el poder político, por conseguir votos o para hacer propuestas legistativas. Un excelente trabajo que evita que caiga en el olvido todo el rico entorno disidente sexual y de género que quiere acabar con el sistema en su conjunto, y que pone sobre la mesa interesantes debates teóricos sobre la comercialización, la identidad, la homonormatividad y nuestros espacios políticos de lucha.

Si lo que más horroriza al homo normalis, policía del sistema hetero-capitalista, es el tomar por el culo, esto demuestra que uno de nuestros placeres más deliciosos, el coito anal, tiene dentro una notable carga revolucionaria. Lo que de nosotras las mariconas está más criticado, contiene en sí buena parte de nuestra gaia potencialidad subversiva. Mi tesoro lo guardo en el culo, sin embargo mi culo está abierto a todo el mundo...
Mario Mieli

64 páginas. Rústica 12 cm x 17 cm, 2 euros.

Si hay interés en distribuir algún libro, escríbenos y lo hablamos.
Muchas gracias.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

You can download new 7ep of TRAUMA 84

The unbelievable has become reality, and almost a year after the recording session, a millions of complications, changing of the place of pressing, our 7’’ called "Pachuť šílenosti" ("Aftertaste of Madness") is finally out!

Several labels and people participated in the release, so if you want a copy of it, you can find it at Papagájův Hlasatel, Dis-šrot records, Schmeichel kabinett 666, Deadly Illness Records (from Hungary), Šváb Records, GRF Records, Aback Records, Véva Records, Kamčůf DIY svět, Animator records, Ofca porn production, as well as at Vacul, Zakis, Tomáš Bařina, Buči, Ella and at the band itself.

In the meantime you can listen and download the whole record at our bandcamp site. However, we would be glad if you bought the physical format of the 7’’ this way supporting the labels as well.

Thanks a lot for you all! We welcome your opinions on the record, how you like/ dislike it. Peace & love!

Kalong - 'What's Done is Done' (2018)

Kalong are a three piece hardcore punk/sludge/noise band form Athens, Greece. Formed in 2015, they just released their second EP. Due to their DIY ethic, their music is free to listen to, as well as downloading it.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Grind Makes Sludge Tape

Grind Makes Sludge compilation tape is out on Posthuman Prod, Sekac Recs and Ice 9 Crew!
Contains 12 songs from Grossel, Alea Iacta Est, Freedom is a Lie, Matka Teresa, Disturbance Project, Entrails Massacre!

Grind Makes Sludge has a special concept as its name suggests: all bands play 1 faaast grind and 1 slow sludge track.

Purple cassette, in special handmade socket with extra pin and incert cover. First 100 copies coming with a patch!!!
All in all, this is a very special piece of grind masterpiece, if you like raw as shit music and interesting artwork, you must have it!!!

For pictures see facebook or

Only 4 Euro, wholesale is 3 Euro (worldwide shipping, paypal accepted).

Still available
-Posthuman t-shirt
-Posthuman #10
-Number Fever #2
-Eger HC tape
-full distro list from here

Please note that this is a very unique release, so offer trades accordingly (hand-dubbed tape exchanges will be refused).