Monday, January 14, 2019

Grind Makes Sludge Tape

Grind Makes Sludge compilation tape is out on Posthuman Prod, Sekac Recs and Ice 9 Crew!
Contains 12 songs from Grossel, Alea Iacta Est, Freedom is a Lie, Matka Teresa, Disturbance Project, Entrails Massacre!

Grind Makes Sludge has a special concept as its name suggests: all bands play 1 faaast grind and 1 slow sludge track.

Purple cassette, in special handmade socket with extra pin and incert cover. First 100 copies coming with a patch!!!
All in all, this is a very special piece of grind masterpiece, if you like raw as shit music and interesting artwork, you must have it!!!

For pictures see facebook or

Only 4 Euro, wholesale is 3 Euro (worldwide shipping, paypal accepted).

Still available
-Posthuman t-shirt
-Posthuman #10
-Number Fever #2
-Eger HC tape
-full distro list from here

Please note that this is a very unique release, so offer trades accordingly (hand-dubbed tape exchanges will be refused).