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N.A.A.D (From Russia) lookin for gigs

N.A.A.D (From Russia) lookin for gigs

Anyone wishing to play with us in Russia, please contact us in PM

Pumpkin Studio opening again this August....

Pumpkin Records Studio will be opening again from August.... Rates are £50 per day (or cheaper if you book in bulk) if interested get in touch and we can email you MP3's of tracks we've put out from the studio

email pumpkinrecords@hotmail.co.uk

Matt & Bo x


(Reposted from Ungovernable Resistance (DIY Radio/Promo)
Here is a scene report about the DIY Punk scene in Belarus. Thx to our friend Mysh (Partiya, Primitive Distro) for sending us this article.

-when the punk movement started in Belarus
-squats, anarchist's centers etc..
-today's active bands
-active distros, labels, fanzines
- Independent DIY punk-scene appeared in Belarus in the ending of the 90th.  First of all it has started up in two Belarusian cities: Grodno and Minsk. Grodno is a city that's located near the Polish border and all independent information had come from there. The first punk-rock band that became the generator of all the anarchy ideas was called DEVIATION. By the way, this band still exists. Minsk is the capital of Belarus, therefore independent punk-rock appeared there quickly too, mostly with the help of a band called HATE TO STATE; bassist from this band was also busy with “NO MANIPULATION” distro and published “DON’T PANIC!” fanzine. And it's not surprising that these things helped developing and extending new DIY-ideas in the country. In the beginning of 2000th a set of different punk-hardcore bands has appeared. But in almost every case, these were bands which existed for a really short time, played just 1-2 gigs and then broke up not more then in a year. Sometimes they made a recording. There were many of them, but now almost everyone broke up.
- From the outset of the DIY scene development we know just some attempt of squatting. Sometimes guys just rented a flat for a really miserable price and lived there. One of the most famous place, which was evicted few years ago, is a squat “MASTERSKAYA”, which was active for a few months in 2008. By the way, the film about this squat was created in Russian and is available with English subtitles. Link here: www.375crew.org (last news; click on the words “скачать”). This site was not updated for more than a year, but there it is possible to find some information about Belarusian scene and download some .mp3 of Belorussian bands, which existed earlier or exist this very moment.
- Today we don't have as many bands as for example on the period of 2003-2008. In that time bands were created even in the small towns. But some bands still exist, we have gigs and it’s excellent! Probably, now small towns have many bands too, but they're absolutely underground and we cannot hear anything about them. So, here is the list of the most active bands for this moment with their short descriptions and contacts, which were possible to find:

DEVIATION (Grodno) – formed in 1995. As we wrote, it’s one of the first bands. They are playing punk rock sometimes mixed it with folk elements. They have clear anarchist position and really politized lyrics. 4 full albums were recorded and set of gigs in Belarus was set.

PARTIYA (Minsk, www.myspace/partiya) – was formed in 2000 and is also one of the oldest bands of Belarusian scene. They started to play middle tempo punk rock, but gradually sped up and began to play harder. As a result, they are playing powerful and fast crust punk. The band had played lots of gigs in Belorussia, during 2007-2010 made 5 tours for Europe, and also gave concerts in the neighbour countries. For the more detailed information, discography and for the downloading of records you should check their myspace (the link below) or this link: www.primitive-distro.blogspot.com (section «PARTiYA»)

(Minsk; www.myspace.com/destroyersminskpunk) – was formed in 2003 and is playing punk-hardcore. It’s one of the UK82 style bands, that are still playing. The band has 3 good albums. Now they are recording a new album. And they visited near and distant foreign countries several times.

BAGNA (Grodno; www.myspace.com/bagna) – the band appeared in 2005 after the legendary Grodno band CONTRA LA CONTRA's breaking up. They are playing melodic d-beat/crust punk with nice politized lyrics. It’s one of the best bands in Belarus this moment. They have 2 splits (split CD w/I KNOW from Minsk and split 7” EP w/SKARPRETTER from Denmark) + unreleased tracks. They visited Europe with tours too.

I KNOW (Minsk; www.myspace.com/iknowpunx) – the band appeared in 2005 and plays melodic crust-punk with anarcho-lyrics. Several time they visited Europe with tours and they’re known enough there. Discography: split CD w/BAGNA, split CD w/STAGNATION IS DEATH from Poland, and also 10” and 7”. Now they’re preparing to release a split CD w/ E123 from Russia.

BRUD KROU (Minsk; www.myspace.com/myspacebrudcrou) – another band from the capital city. They’re playing something similar to crust-hardcore with elements of the Swedish old-school hardcore. Also, as many Belarusian bands of this genre, they have very politized lyrics. They have one demo and split 7” w/ZORKA from Russia. At the moment the group is not playing...

(Grodno; www.myspace.com/ihopeyoudie1) – the band was formed in 2006, and is playing melodic hardcore/crust. They recorded two demos and one EP. It's been told that band has broken up, but it’s not a fact. The band is very good, playing music of good quality with not less qualitative lyrics.

(Minsk; alldaynightband(A)gmail.com) – young enough, but already quite famous band, they were the first, who started playing neo-crust/dark hardcore here. Excellent sound and excellent lyrics. They recorded their debut album and visited Russia with mini-tour. Now they’re very active, often have gigs, and I hope that in future they’ll get success.

KAWAKAMI NIGHTMARE (Gomel/Kiev, Ukraine; www.myspace.com/kawakaminightmare) – the band with the members from different cities. They’re playing noise and filthy d-beat with influence of DISCLOSE. Enough young band, had played some gigs and had recorded one demo and split CD w/DISGÖD from Indonesia.

DISHARMONIA (Gomel; www.myspace.com/disharmoniadbeat) – the first Belarusian band, which started to play d-beat/punk here. Young band, but perspective. Had recorded one album.

TOO MUCH BRAINS (Minsk) – one more young band (2009), which playing punk-hardcore. Sometimes they have playing gigs. Had recorded split with the next band:

DAMAGES (from Minsk too) – on this moment they’re in the process of recording a songs for split with Ukrainian band NE ZLAMATY!

VSIO VRANYO (Mogilev; a3Lies(А)gmail.com) – was formed by some ex-members of SIN PUESTO – the first D.I.Y. punk-hardcore band in Mogilev. They’re playing crust/hardcore with two male vocals.

ABSURD (from the Belorussian hinterland; absurdity_86(А)mail.ru) – they’re exists from 2004 and playing punk-rock. They have some recordings and some splits.

MONDAY SUICIDE (Grodno) – was formed in the ending of 2010. They have one 5-songs demo of cool garage punk-rock.

And about another band you can to read on their myspace accounts:

PULL OUT ON EYE (Minsk; www.myspace.com/pulloutaneye)

FACE FORWARD (Minsk; www.myspace.com/xfaceforwardx)

SORTA (Gomel; www.myspace.com/sorta)

It’s not all bands which playing on this moment. Only those bands that we could call to remembrance. Many bands (as stated above) sometimes have formed, sometimes have broken up. We can’t keep track of all events here.

- On this moment among more or less active distros/labels we can mention the next (most of sites on Russian language):

«PRIMITIVE-DISTRO» distro | label:

«CRIMECHORDS» distro | label:

«ROAD TO FREEDOM» distro | label:

«REVIVE!» distro | label:


«EVIL PUNK RECORDS» distro | label:

«PODPOL REVOLT» distro | label:

What about topical and still producing fanzines that in this plan the situation is not very perspective, here's just some from: «оD.I.Y.sya!» (Minsk, www.primitive-distro.blogspot.com (go in section «оD.I.Y.sya!» , you can download there some issues); «UNTIMES» (Gomel; squatyourself(A)gmail.com); «TRYZNAS-KEFIRAS» (Minsk; yesfuture(A)gmail.com); «LOVE MUSIC HATE FASCISM» (Minsk; lmhf_zine(A)mail.ru)

Thank for your attention! If you have some questions, propositions or just desire to communicate – write to us.
Contacts are in the end of the review. 
Scene report’s writing took part are:
Eugenio (squatyourself@gmail.com)
Mysh (okpunkrock@gmail.com | www.primitive-distro.blogspot.com)

BURNT CROSS- NEW 7" Break the Law, not the Poor OUT NOW

our 8th 7" has come out this week, put out by 10 labels and featuring 4 new tracks which are-

Ian Tomlinson
Break the Law, not the Poor
They've got the Power
Mob Violence (Apostles cover)

It is available from me for £3 and post (we now have paypal) just contact me for a copy. Below is a track from it

And here is our new site (facebook)

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D.I.Y. OR D.I.E. activism NEEDS BANDS

D.I.Y. OR D.I.E. activism needs 6 (now 4) bands to contribute to our next split

releases (2). Those releases will be able via downloading through our

blog (check out the blog section) and for those who need physical types

will have the cover art in JPEG format so they can print them. For those

who are interested send message for more info...

Foto van D.I.Y. OR D.I.E.

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Assault (D-Beat/Crust) - Here We Are (2009)

Assault formed in 2009 & come from East Jakarta scene which is known as Ponti/Scream Destroy. 

Band Related : CornerxEnd-Ari Anggara- Dead Sytem-Black Tokay-Bajingan
Tengix etc.
Also beside play in the band we are doing FoodNotBombs and Organize some
small DIY events

Free download:

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(A)-Truth / Kalazaar-split 7"!

Επιτέλους το εφτάρι με τους (A)-Truth είναι έτοιμο! Θα το έχουμε στο διήμερο φεστιβαλ (3-4 Ιουνίου) στο Πολυτεχνείο. Μπορείτε να το παραγγείλετε και απο τα παρακάτω distro που χωρίς την βοήθεια τους δεν θα υλοποιούταν!

Alcoholic Desaster (Αλέξανδρούπολη)
Noise Attack (Αθήνα)
We Don't Fight It (Λάρισα)
EatShitBuyDie (Ολλανδία)
Scull Crasher (Αθήνα)

Ευχαριστούμε πολύ και τα παιδιά απο την τυπογραφική κολλεκτίβα Rotta για την εκτύπωση των εξωφύλλων!

Τα λέμε στην συναυλία,μεχρι τότε κλωτσιές στους φασίστες!

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Slaughtergrave - 10 Years of Slaughtergraving & Burnt Cross/Into Disorder Split Out Now

SLAUGHTERGRAVE-10 YEARS OF SLAUGHTERGRAVING...IN MINCECORE WE CRUST (cdr) and BURNT CROSS/INTO DISORDER (8cm cdr) is out by deathforce rec available for trades not for sale

Contact:  deathforce_records@hotmail.com

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CHECK OUR NEW SONGS FROM "ASSHOLERAISERS" RECORD (will be released soon)! PARTiYA's euro tour 2011: we need your help with concerts in september! Please, see our tour plan here: http://lnk.ms/KVgpz
PARTiYA izmeni | change

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NITRO (Crossover) - WE ARE NITRO (2011)

NITRO (Crossover) - We Are Nitro (2011)
01. Suicide Trip
02. Kill Him Now
03. Freedoom
04. Ben de seni
05. My Old Shoes
06. I Just Wanna
07. Carry On
08. Tell Me Something
09. Save Me
10. Köyün Delisi
11. Serve Cold
12. Is Thıs The World
13. We Are Nitro
14. World Is Flat

Raw Hate (Sweden) Need Help For European Summer Tour

Our mates from Swedish band Raw Hate are currently seeking help for their forthcoming European tour. They are looking for dates in the UK and all over Europe. If anyone can help please contact inavel_alfta@hotmail.se


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First Year (hardcore) - A Hymne of the Hyerbolic Holocoust

First Year (Hardcore) A Hymne of the Hyerbolic Holocoust 

This is our mate Bowo's hardcore band from Indonesia. They are a very raw hardcore band with slight thrash elements. Lyrically First Year speak about the problems with: trend orientated fashion bands & people polluting the scene, stupid macho tough guy attitudes & violence towards others, the lack of respect and care for nature, ignorance towards learning from history and the problem with military fascism & imperialism. 

First Year want to share their music with you, but please if this is reposted the band & us stress that it must be blogs/sites that have the diy ethic. 

Anyone who is interested in the album for their distros can contact us @ ungovernableresistance@gmail.com, but DIY Distros only.

They Just Don't Get It - Sell Outs & Apathetic Punks

They Just Don't Get It - Sell Outs & Apathetic Punks

  Recently we announced an Antifa comp, which was going to be our main focus before moving on to do our next two projects with Pankerijada Collective. We are now turning our attention to an anti sell out bands & anti apathetic punks comp.

  Why so you may ask? Let us outline our frustration below that gives a little light on why we feel this new anti sell out and anti apathy comp must take priority.

  Many fellow diyers from around the world have been voicing their growing anger regarding the level of crust and grind bands selling out & supporting the more corporate orientated aspects within the extreme metal underground, and associated festivals. It seems money and the rock star life style is too much of a pull for some.

  The contentious point for many from the DIY community is the fact these sell outs still claim to be DIY, but their obvious actions clearly dictate other wise.

  If money, and the rock star life style is your choice then fine, but don't claim to be about the message and people when its blatantly obvious that isn't the case. Its an insult to the whole movement and message. Despite the level of fashion punks around there is still a real community that exists where the message and opinions voiced in our music still remain an important part of diy culture.

   Its saddening and frustrating to see our diy brothers and sisters struggle to be heard just because they do not have some bull shit manufactured cleanly produced sound or distortion pedals that insert (generic independent extreme metal fanzine, profit orientated label/fest/radio station laps up). Most of the time these idiots 'apparently discover' the sell out bands for everyone to here. Oh how we're blessed to have some rock star with a cup of coffee sat in an office telling us what is grind, punk, and what else.

  All those DIY fanzines that featured ya new band 2 years ago before they sold out & got noticed in ya pop zines/stations must have been a figment of our imagination.

  The term 'independent' is sadly increasingly becoming understood to be 'independent capitalist'. They might not be on a mainstream label, but these people are just as greedy and insincere.

  The level of apathy from some punks to the real scene is as bad as the sheeple's apathy towards world affairs. Wake up and realise that ya beloved big name bands are only interested in increasing their own bank balances at the expense of the fans. Support independent music these rock star sell outs claim? How about they support diy and the scene from which they once came and give something back. There are a minority that remain genuine we are aware of that, but most just wear a band t shirt instead of a suit. Little difference.

   This explanation taken from a web site sent to us can be applied to any level of fashion crusties, fashion punks, and so forth:

   An individual who dons the punk rock "uniform" (black leather jacket, boots, spikes, mohawk, etc.) to create an identity for themself and who assumes they are superior to others because of their punkasfuck look.
1. Jamie is such a postcard punk.
2. Dresses like a postcard every day but all of the spikes and patches in the world can't make up for the clockwork orange make-up.

  Now this isn't just restricted to the punk scene. The problem is rife in underground metal where the new emphasis is to be 'cleanly produced' and over play technical solos until the guitarist passes out from exhaustation. Ok that scene has always had a high level of capitalism and rock star egos, but there are some good people still around who still wish to create real dirty metal the way it should be and not concerned with sounding clean.

  If we take punk's closest musical relation in our opinion 'hip hop' the same insincerity and eagerness to indulge in profits at the movement's expense is rife in the so called 'underground'. What an irritating term that has now become, which in reality means 'non mainstream pop music' as the focus on money and rock star attitudes equals the pop equivalent.

  A term created by independent capitalists to make the audience feel comfortable with purchasing their music as its supposedly non mainstream. Musically that maybe the case, but the focus on money is certainly in relation to mainstream attitudes.

  No scene is perfect and each have their positives and negatives, but its especially sad that these attitudes are seeping into the diy punk community. One of the last remaining bastions of freedom.

  In closing, those of us in the scene now have to work even harder to resist the corruption and help each other to the best of our ability. A concept that many of us do on a daily basis so there is still a scene that exists beneath the 'underground'. Its a little harder to find, but isn't guided by any ridiculous bullshit code of rules that rely on fashion & herd like mentality to be a part of the club.

  We hope this has given you an insight into the growing anger and frustration within the diy community regarding the issues raised.

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Crust | d-beat | punk сборник из Индонезии. 22 группы из Индонезии, Хорватии, Сербии, Португалии, Украины, Беларуси, Мексики, Канады! Чтобы посмотреть полный трэк-лист, жмите на картинку (обложку). Не стесняйтесь поделиться и размещать эти сборники на своих сайтах для свободного скачивания!
Crust | d-beat | punk compilation from Indonesia. 22 bands from Indonesia, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, Ukraine, Belarus, Mexico, Canada! For full track-list, click on the picture (cover). Feel free to share and publish these compilations on your websites for free downloading!

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Spanner Debut Out Now

 Pumpkin Records today announced details re: Spanner's debut:

  The debut album from Bristol's Spanner is out today.13 tracks of catchy political ska punk from one of Bristol's hardest working bands.It costs £6 including postage from www.pumpkinrecords.co.uk

  Blurb about Spanner....

  Spanner knock out in-yer-face political punky ska, more spikey than skanky but still eminently danceable. They almost exclusively play benefit gigs at grassroots / DIY venues and band members aren't afraid to get their hands dirty at the sharp end of the struggle. And, while work and families occupy a lot of their time, they try and get out on the road as often as possible, including the odd jaunt to Europe. If they turn up somewhere near you, go and check 'em out.