Saturday, May 30, 2015

What i want

grindcore from brazil

[P.U.T.] duet sludge stoner since 1998

2 brothers, between Paris/Brussels, making since 1998, mix of machines/guitars..., noise, sludge, industrial punk to create a music borrows madness, emotion, heaviness & anger.

WARFUCK - Neantification (2013)

WARFUCK is a power dodos duo grindcore band based in Lyon - France.


WARFUCK - Neantification (2013)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Missiles of October - Don't Panic (2014)

LOUD, DIRTY & ANGRY!!! With members of Rotyes, Galvanize, [P.U.T], Contingent, Frau Blücher and the drünken horses.... formed in 2012

Friday, May 22, 2015


FOKKUM - Investigate!

Hi folks,  :-)

We just released our new FOKKUM full-length cd titled 'Investigate!'.     :-D

Get your copy at our live shows !
Or by 'snail-mail' (old fashioned postman).


During live shows: 4,- Euro.
Inside Holland: 5,- Euro (includes shipping costs !).
Outside Holland: 5,- Euro (excluding shipping costs !).

Every option includes: lyric-sheet, 4 different logo-stickers, logo-button, logo-patch.     :-)



How to pay?:

By envelope (is what we prefer), by PayPal or by bank (thieves).
So, mail us and we'll figure something out.


--->  <---

Or use our Fokkum Facebook page to write us.


We are non-profit. So we're in it for the music, the message(!) and fun.    :-)


Have a nice time exploring other options in life while thinking outside the box.

We love you all and hope to see you at our gigs.     :-)

---> Please share this message / flyer !!!


Lots of freedom and health from,
Ries, Lisa, Hans, Bouke.



Fokkum 'Investigate!' cd-r is a Do It Yourself 2-track (left/right but 16 mics) live recording.

Only the vocals were done afterwards.

So: no separate room recording, no compression, no over-dubs, no after-mix, no tweaking, no cleaning up.

Just a live, raw, honest and clear digital recording!

---> We wanted to make a statement against all the over-produced studio albums out there (we don't like that sound at all).

With our approach, it's what you hear is what you get.

It took us 3 days just to find the right balance (pre-mix) between instruments and 5 days to record it all (no room for mistakes while recording all together at once)…

It was a lot of work doing it this way, but it was worth it for sure (we learned a lot too)…..    :-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chorea Huntington

Henry fonda

End Of Ernie " the end is near "

New album - vinyl only - poster - booklet   !!! OUT NOW !!! 15 songs, 250 ex.

the End Of Ernie

Lost Culture Records
 Stationsstraat 85, 2220 Heist op den Berg
Di: 12u-20u, Woe: 11u-19u, Do: 12u-20u, Eerste zaterdag van de maand: 11u-18u

order from (only on vinyl!!!) or just come and watch the band.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

de Tegenpartij