Saturday, September 29, 2012

(A)TRUTH - NO I​.​C​.​E.(EP 2012)

(A)TRUTH ep single featuring/entitled "NO I.C.E." w/ special vocal guest appearance w/ Kristian Cordova. This album is dedicated to all the immigrants of the U.S. / Este album esta dedicad@ a tod@s l@s inmigrantes de los E.U. This is the first official single by (A)TRUTH although they have released 3 7" split records, a full lenght, and a few demos. This single EP was released on tape! so contact us if you want one It includes 1 song that will be released on a NY compilation, 2 new songs from the upcoming second full lenght, "No borders no lines" from the last album and NO ICE (this songs only recording!) the art was exclusively done for this EP by Simon Santana
released 18 August 2012 (A)TRUTH posse and the collective!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Culto del Cargo - D-Beat/Hardcore (Italy)

 This is “Culto del Cargo”, a d-beat/hardcore band from Italy.
Active since 2010 and have released their first EP album in 2011.

You can download it for free here:
And here you can listen it:
 "On december 2012 we will record a new 7'' split with “Brivido”, a hc band from Croatia."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

PARTiYA: «Crust'N'Grind Protest in autumn»:

18.09 Poland, Warsaw, «Przychodnia» squat
19.09 Poland, Szczecin, tba
20.09 [NEED HELP!] Poland / Germany
21.09 Germany, Munchen, «Kafe Marat»
22.09 Germany, Nurnberg, «Bela Lugosi» bar
23.09 Germany, Halle, «Reil78» squat
24.09 [NEED HELP!] Germany, Leipzig
25.09 Germany, Koln, «Wagenplatz»
26.09 Switzerland, Zurich, «ABS»
27.09 France, Besancon «Bar Les Arcades»
28.09 France, Marseille, «La Salle Gueule»
29.09 Spain, Barcelona, «La Jungla»
30.09 Spain, Madrid, «Coko» squat
01.10 [???] Portugal, Coimbra
02.10 Portugal, Porto, «Hard Club»
03.10 [NEED HELP!] Portugal / Spain
04.10 Spain, Logrono, «Villatruno»
05.10 [NEED HELP!] France
06.10 France, Saint-Etienne, «La Gueule Noire»
07.10 Switzerland, Winterthur, «GGS31»
08.10 [NEED HELP!] Germany
09.10 Poland, Wroclaw, «Wagenburg»
10.10 Poland, Rzeszow, «Od Zmierzchu Do Switu»
12.10 Belarus, Minsk, tba
13.10 Belarus, Grodno, tba
14.10 Belarus, Brest, tba

***27.09 - 06.10 we will play together with HUMAN COMPOST (metal-crust friends from France):

***12.10 - 14.10 we will play together with LA CASA FANTOM (crust / drum'n'bass friends from Norway):

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Social Circle Suicide - Wishful Thinking (EP) (2012)

Social Circle Suicide Is An Agnostic Bass Driven D.I.Y. Hardcore Punk Project From Nowhere, You Want To Be. Lyrical Themes Are Generally Angry, Spiteful, And/Or Sarcastic, Tossed Onto Short And Fast Bass Driven Tunes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SEDATIVE [death/grind from France] last EP "Viceroton" [DIY/2011]

SEDATIVE "Viceroton" [DIY/2011] :
1 - Viceroton
2 - Violences Conjugales
3 - Feed In
4 - Euphorie
5 - E-Breed
6 - Vomi
Produced by SEDATIVE / 2011
All musics written by SEDATIVE
All lyrics written by Mulk
Recorded and mixed by Jéjé Lapin / Terrier V Studio / Geneva / CH
Mastered by Mulk []
Artwork by Marie Landgraf []
Logo by Diego Graham []
Bio :
SEDATIVE is a french death/grind band from France that was created in 2000 by two guitarists, Nico and Rico, and with the help of a rhythm box they played a fast and sharp grind / death.

After some changes the lineup evolved and is now complete with Nico on the guitar, Bertrand on the drums, Yan on the bass, Fred on the second guitar and vocals by Vinz. The new members, have brought their own personal touches and influences, giving Sedative its trademark: brutal, death, grind and groove!
Two albums, “Inconscience” released in 2005 and “Lobocaïne” in 2009, and three EP's, “Déviance Malsaine” (2003), “Ictus” (2007) and “Viceroton” (2011) are available. The third album, a result of the evolution of the band from its creation, is to be released in 2013.

The band shared the stage in many places including the Cuba Brutal Fest in 2010, the Usine in Geneva, Brise Glace, Château Rouge, and with many bands including, GADGET, MUMAKIL, KNUT, THE ARRS, GENERAL SURGERY, DAGOBA, DEFEATED SANITY, GORGASM, COMBAT NOISE, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY... and more!

Be ready, SEDATIVE is gonna make you mosh!!!

Note : SEDATIVE would like to express the idea that it stands against sexism, pro-lifers, racism, nationalism and all types of fascism into the scenes as well as outside.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

NON-PROFIT ANTI-CAPITALIST T-SHIRT SHOP - €12 or $15 each - Anarchism,
antifascism, ACAB, working class, skinhead, punk, anti-religion, feminism,
environmentalism, anonymous, 99%, animal liberation, anti-war, etc.
* * * * * *


Earlier this month, we noticed that a key member of Pussy Riot was wearing
a No-Gods-No-Masters t-shirt during their court proceedings (the “No
Pasaran” t-shirt). Since the publication of these photos worldwide, the
related t-shirt has become our best-selling t-shirt and has generated in 2
weeks more sales that any other t-shirt from our shop was able to achieve
in 2 years.
(...) That’s why the shop has committed itself to give away a part of the
sales income related to Pussy Riot to the organization “Free Pussy Riot”.
This solidarity fund helps to pay the lawyers fees related to their legal
defense as well as helping to meet their children’s need while Pussy Riot
members are jailed. therefore reiterates it’s willingness to stay a
non-profit and non-commercial t-shirt shop which will allow, among other
things, to contribute financially to the social equality struggles and the
defense of our own comrades which are victims of state repression, as we
had already stated previously on our website.
* * * * * *


Men’s t-shirts:

Women’s t-shirts:

* * * * * * help to fund various other political causes, like :

* Solidarity fund of comrades arrested at Toronto’s G20 who have been being
prosecuted for the last 2 years  [ ]

* Organization “I give to us” who are helping those activists arrested
during the 2012 student protests in Quebec  [ ]

* CUTV, a community television and an alternative information source about
the social struggles in Quebec  [

* The Resistance Network : / / /

* And other anti-capitalist / anti-fascist projects and groups