Friday, May 6, 2011

First Year (hardcore) - A Hymne of the Hyerbolic Holocoust

First Year (Hardcore) A Hymne of the Hyerbolic Holocoust 

This is our mate Bowo's hardcore band from Indonesia. They are a very raw hardcore band with slight thrash elements. Lyrically First Year speak about the problems with: trend orientated fashion bands & people polluting the scene, stupid macho tough guy attitudes & violence towards others, the lack of respect and care for nature, ignorance towards learning from history and the problem with military fascism & imperialism. 

First Year want to share their music with you, but please if this is reposted the band & us stress that it must be blogs/sites that have the diy ethic. 

Anyone who is interested in the album for their distros can contact us @, but DIY Distros only.