Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"My friend Ash and her roommate run an animal rescue house , so if interested in adopting an animal get in touch "
Hi guys!  As you may know, me and my roommate, Saige, run our live in Animal Rescue house here in the southeast part of America. We rescue abused, sick, and elderly animals, nurse them back to health, or rehabilitate them from abuse and get them ready to be sweet loving friends for whomever has the heart to take them. After taking a break of adopting out animals this summer, we have rescued a good bit of sweet angels to find homes for during this coming Fall and Winter seasons. 
All of our animals have their shots, are all fixed, and comes with their records and history. The adoption fee is reasonably priced at $25 and we have the capabilities to send them anywhere in the states, whether by car travel, or airlines. 
We have a number of beautiful &affectionate felines.
And about 6 small breed dogs, and a black lab puppy who are looking to be your best friend!  
We also have a black and brown bunny.
Please get in touch with me by email: if you are interested, and we will discuss further what may be appropriate. 
You may also find me and my roommate on 
under the user name, ash4cats&dogs or Saige under: Carecat16