Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SAKATAT/MATKA TERESA Split 7" out now!

Amsterdam grindviolence with dual vocals meets raw old school grindcore from Turkey!
MATKA TERESA (who's just reformed!) finally unleash an unreleased studio recordings with their older line-up while SAKATAT side consists of one single tune with police brutality theme last clocks over 3 minutes and a cover of ASSÜCK's "Wall Of Shame".
Limited to 1030 copies of which 200 are on grey vinyl.
Released by Aksi Gürültü (TR), Audio Lesion (IT), Bringer Of Gore (BE), Czerwony Diabelek (PL), Drop Out (PL), End Of Silence (IT), Erba Trista (IT), Extreme Terror (NL), Grindfather (UK), Rauha Turva (CZ), Rotten Gorol (NL) & Witch Bukkake (FR).
Download sample tracks at: www.sakatatgrindcore.com/download.htm