Monday, November 22, 2010

PANKERIJADA - D.I.Y. collective !!!

Pankerijada is a D.I.Y collective who is supporting punk-rock, anarcho, crust, grind, D-beat, post punk, OI-few of them, Trashcore, hardcore punk, thrash and black metal bands, mince core bands and the non-poseur punk scene worldwide. Idea of this collective started because lack of support from people in our scene and music and that pissed us off and we decided to to things our way.Our collective is against racism, homophobia, chauvinism, government, war, poseurs, capitalism, globalization etc... In our past posts on the blog we posted some poseur bands that we didnt know about and that mistake WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! Subscribe to our blog to help the punk scene in our region and we hope worlwide!!!

If you are interested to upload your album, send us link to download and we'll put u on myspace and blogspot. Meaning of this to promote more bands. CHEERS


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