Sunday, November 28, 2010


Burnt cross have sold out of the Cress split 7" but you can still get some copies from Active Rebellion distro or Distro-y Distro who are both in my top friends.

Heres a review from Maximum Rock'n'Roll

While I've heard the buzz about BURNT CROSS for quite a while, this is actually the first time I've heard them, and I'm quite damn impressed! It's just angry and stripped-down as the Crass Records bands that th...ey draw their influences from. Very Feeding of the 5000 meets the SYSTEM or LIBERTY with vocals that are just as pissed and well articulated as Colin Jerwood's. That was a refreshing change of pace from my usual fare and I will have to track down the back catalog posthaste (too bad all those singles are so damned limited!). I haven't heard CRESS since their split with DOOM oh-so-many years ago, but
their multi-vocal anarcho-punk assault sounds virtually unchanged. Compared to BURNT CROSS, these tracks are a bit more metallic (except the spoken-word bit) and maybe drag a bit in spots. Still, it's a solid split and both sides are well worth hearing. Kudos to both bands for taking a well-worn style and making it sound fresh and vital again!
Below are the tracks from our side of this split 7"

Next up for Burnt Cross is an 8 track 12" which should be available in April 2011 and put out by about 6 different record labels (500 copies)