Friday, July 15, 2016

Arch Vile #3 fanzine is out

Arch Vile #3 grindzine is out, some copies are still available for 2 Euros. This time the tricky monster encounters with the motherfucker action hero called Duke Nukem who kick its ass for sure on 56 professionally printed pages in A5, video-game based, unique design!
Interviews made with: Bulla Extrema, Terror of Dynamite attack, Apoptosis, Chulo, Prosperity Denied, They Murder, etc. Plus lots of reviews on noisecore/grindcore/powerviolence/gore materials, fanzines.

Some images are here:

Write for orders (paypal accepted) or for trades!! posthumanzine (A)
Longer distro list is available.
 Still available own releases
-B-612 fanzine
-Posthuman #8 fanzine
-Posthuman #7 fanzine (last copy!!!!)
-Likeohneclick perzine
-ProvóCió zine (last copy!!!!)
-Din-Addict: Neurosexual Deformation tape
-Another Way: Az idő rövid története tape
-Wombat Simogató Hapsik tape