Friday, March 9, 2012

No limit for noise vol.1 Kompilasi Free Download!!!

By Slebor Records from Indonesia.
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NO LIMIT FOR NOISE VOL.1 "Noise Not Profit - Do Or Die!" Slebor 2012 Varitying Sounds World Hardcore Punks 128Kbps TRACKS: HEADSHOT (Mexico) THRASH NEW TERROR (Indonesia) GOOD MORNING (Usa) TO DIE (Indonesia) SLURRED VISION (Usa) DEATH OF PRESIDENT (Indonesia) ABRASION (Singapura) NOISE ATTACK (Indonesia) SI PROVOKATOR (Indonesia) AGAMENON PROJECT (Brazil) BADAK SINGA (Indonesia) LAKNAT (Indonesia) CHUMP CHANGE (Usa) RADIKAL SISTEM (Indonesia) SNOT CUM POOP (Usa) DESIRE (Indonesia) ULTIMA VERDAD (Argentina) BRUTEN (Indonesia) KEKUATAN SUPER (Indonesia) RABID RABBIT (Usa) SIKAT WC (Indonesia) PLAYING DEAD MAN (Indonesia) PATAZ (Indonesia) RICUH (Indonesia) ANTUSIAS (Indonesia) BURNINGXSTRIKE (Indonesia) DENDAM KESUMAT (Indonesia) LITTLE CHAOS (Indonesia) R.K.A. (Indonesia) xBADSYSTEMx (Indonesia) GARABATO (Colombia) BADZROID (Indonesia) REBORN (Indonesia)