Thursday, October 27, 2011

M.O.L.D. - Withdrawn (2011)

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"Withdrawn" A 1 Hour 33 Min Demo From M.O.L.D......... M.O.L.D. At This Point In Time Has No Written Material. All Of Our Stuff Is Jams We Made Up On The Spot. Don't Let The Non Written Part Throw You Off. It's Pretty Damn Cool Stonerish Metal Mixed With Punk,Hardcore And Grungy Elements. I Play Drums And Sing On This Stuff And My Pal Derek Plays Guitar.... For Our Next Recording We Should Have My Best Friend Luke On Board For Lead Vocals. I'm Still Gonna Sing And Play Drums, Just Less Singing. To The Future. Look Forward To New Stuff In THe Next Few Months. Prob Mix Some Freestyle With A Few Written Tracks, Or Maybe All Written Or Vice Versa. I Don't Know.. But For Now Enjoy Our Demo, For The 15th Time That Iv'e Uploaded This In Different Variations: