Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News - Crise Total-30th anniversar​y

Libertarian salutations my friends,if possible and if you have the time please divulge that the up-coming year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary,we will start the year with just a couple of gigs but more will follow throughout the year as well we have a 7" split also planned to come out sometime in 2013 too,we're in conversations with a big name from Brazil!
So on the 11th of January we are to have a party/gig at the Ritz Club in Lisbon with us headlining it and with guests,all good friends of the band through out its existence,among them Simbiose,Albert Fish,Acromaniacos and Dr.Bifes E Os Psicopratas.
On the 12th we are gonna be going for the 1st time ever to a festival and a Metal one at that!Go figure,this is one ofr Unity so to speak...haha...the 19th HardMetalFest is probably the oldest and heaviest Metalfest in Portugal and this year we will be playing amongst names like Master(Usa)Contradiction(Ger)Dawnrider(Por)Simbiose(Por)and another 6 bands,it should be a proper knees-up affair!