Monday, February 27, 2017

Info-Kafetas en Kan Bici (cast,cat,engl)

Aupa compas/amigxs!
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Éstos dias vamos a inaurgar un pequeño local en Kan Bici,
hasta ahora tristemente sin uso y desde hace muchos años
abandonado. Para conocerlo os invitamos a todxs los Viernes
de Marzo,se va abrir la "Kafeta" y proyectamos un documental
que nos parecia interesante. Habra bebidas y tapas veganas a
precios populares.
Cualquiera de vosotras que tiene una propuesta u idea podria
usar éste espacio para diversas actividades. Podreis enviar un
email u proponerlo directamente aqui uno de los Viernes que
Con muchos animos para éste proyecto, y avanzando en la re-
sistencia contra el desalojo de la kasa (la semana pasada se
presentó el recurso contra la sentencia de la Iª instancia),segu-
imos peleando contra un sistema de hipocritas y psicopatas
profesionales que intentan justificar la destrucción de la tierra
con la necesidad de mantener sus privilegios como poseidores
de todo (en realidad robado del pueblo) y tanta gente que les
siguen el rollo para ser parte del poder y aceptar sus migajas
que les caen durante sus festines.
Aún falta algo de kurro para preparar el local, si alguien quiere
echar una mano bienvenido/a sea. Esperamos que algo de cul-
tura en Galliners no molesta a nadie! ;)
Salut y abrazos anarquicos

Aqui los documentales/pelis que se va proyectar:

*Viernes 3 de Marzo:
  I.I.R.S.A. proyecto para la Infraestructora de la devastación

*Viernes 10 de Marzo
 CIUTAT CREMADA pelicula historica catalana

*Viernes 17 de Marzo
 ABAJO LOS MUROS documental anticarcelario

*Viernes 24 de Marzo
 COWSPIRACY el cambio climatico y sus razónes

*Viernes 31 de Marzo
 LONDRES NO ES SEVILLA la resistencia anti-desalojo

Info-Kafeta todos los Viernes de 19 a 23h
KAN BICI (okupado desde el 2012) Ctra. Vilavenut ' 2, Galliners
Aupa compas/amig/e/s!
Anem a inaurgar un petit local a Kan Bici, fins ara tristament
sense ús i des de fa molts anys abandonat. Per conèixer-us
convidem a tot/i/s els Divendres de Març, es va obrir la "kafeta"
i projectem un documental que ens pa- forta interessant. Hi
haurà begudes i vegan-tapes a preus populars.
Qualsevol de vosaltres que té una proposta o idea podria utilitzar
aquest espai per a diverses activitats. Podreu enviar un email o pro-
posar-directament aqui un dels divendres que vam obrir. Amb molts
ànims per aquest projecte, i avançant en la resistència contra el
desallotjament de la kasa (aquests dies es va presentar el recurs
contra la sentència de la Iª instància) seguim lluitant contra un sistema
de hipòcrites i psicopatas professionals que intenten justificar la des-
trucció de la terra amb la necessitat de mantenir els seus privilegis
com poseidores de tot (en realitat robat del poble) i tanta gent que els
segueixen el rotllo per ser part del poder i acceptar les seves engrunes
que els cauen durant els seus festins.
Encara falta una mica de feina per preparar el local, si algú vol donar
un cop de mà benvingut / da sigui. Esperem que una mica de kultura
a Galliners no molesta a ningú! ;)
Ens veiem pronts!
Salut i abraçades anarquices

Aqui els documentals / pelis que es va projectar:

* Divendres 3 de Març:
  IIRSA projecte per a la Infraestructora de la devastació Llatinoamèrica s

* Divendres 10 Març
  CIUTAT CREMADA pelicula historica catalana

* Divendres 17 de Març
  ABAJO LOS MUROS documental anticarcerari

* Divendres 24 Març
  COWSPIRACY el canvi climàtic i els seves raóns

 * Divendres 31 Març
   LONDRES NO ÉS SEVILLA la resistència anti-desallotjament

Info-Kafeta tots els Divendres de 19 a 23h
KAN BICI (okupat des del 2012), Ctra. Vilavenut '2, Galliners

Merci per fer difusió!

Hi comrades/friends!
These days we'll open a small local at Kan Bici, until now without use
and abandoned for some years. To know the new space you're invited all
Friday's when we'll open the bar and project some interesting documentals,
we'll have drinks and some vegan food for popular/free prices. Everyone who
feels animated to do an activity here in can send an e-mail or propose it
directly on the open Friday. We're very animated for this project and going
ahead with the resistence against the eviction of the space (these days we
presented the recourse against the sentence of the 1st Instance-trial), we
continue to struggle against a system.of hipocrits and profesional psycho-
pates who try to justfy the destruction of the earth with the necessity of
their privileegs to possess everything (stolen from the people) and so many
people who accept all their shit to be a little part of the power.
Still their's a lot of work to prepare the space, if someone wants to help out
you're very welcome. Hopefully that small piece of kulture at Galliners won't
cause any trouble to noone!
See ya soon!
Salut and anarchist hugs!

Here the documentals/films we'll project:

* Friday March 3rd
  IIRSA - infrastructure-project of the devastation Southamerica's

* Friday March 10th
  CIUTAT CREMADA - historical catalan movie (The burned city)

* Friday March 17th
  ABAJO LOS MUROS - anti-prison documental (Down the walls!)

* Friday March 24th
  COWSPIRACY - the climate change and their reasons

* Friday March 31st
   LONDRES NO ES SEVILLA - anti-eviction resistence

open info-bar all Fridays 7 to 11 pm
KAN BICI (squat since 2012), Ctra. Vilavenut'2, Galliners (Catalonia)

Thanx for spreading the info!


If the we “the people” remove all our money from  all banking institutions, we will send a clear message and give the elite a taste of their own medicine “fear”, that what we experience every day when we aren't able to pay for our rent, food, medication, utilities, student loans, etc.

 We should not have one dime in that system. Every euro we put in the banking system gives them the ability to misuse our money to do business with for their own lucre, while you can maintain an account for monthly payments which is more profit for them, you can keep an account as it is mandatory to have one nowadays but just keep its balance at almost zero. Pay your bills and take out the rest.

 Also know that if all the people would withdraw all their money from their bank accounts on the same day that they would not be able to pay all of us???

 One of the key reasons banks exist and why we are in the mess we are in, is because people are not looking at the system to reform it, they are looking for ways to move higher up the food chain themselves.  And this attitude does not only guarantee continued enslavement, it makes us accomplices.

 You don’t need a bank to keep your money. The whole idea is insane! Nowhere is your money more prone to abuse and risk than in a bank.

 Pay cash only. Don't support their cashless society. Use your bank card only to withdraw your money from the bank. Don’t use bank cards, credit cards etc. to do your purchases. Do not give them the power to control / manage your money; do not give them the ability to spy on you!

Download our "Boycott All Banks (Euro/ Dollar)" pamphlets here :
Includes  JPG's and  print ready PDF with 4 pamplets on a page, 
good for recto verso printing on A4 format.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


NEW IN DISTRO LIST February 2017

AGATHOCLES / G.O.D - Split CD (8 euro)
Mincecore legends Agathocles team up with G.O.D (Grotesque Organ Defilement) from Canada. Both bands offer excellent live recordings that will make you hit the reply button indefinitely. This is raw grind at its best.
Order here

NOISE TORTURE - "NoiseBeatWarPunk" s/sided 7" (5 euro)
Old-school Austrian punks deliver five excellent tunes that will please your lust for noise.
100% punk, 0% rock
For fans of Zyanose, Lotus Fucker, Sore Throat
Order here

GORGONISED DORKS - "Decade Of Deafness" s/sided 7" (5 euro)
Harsh grinders Gorgonised Dorks celebrate their 10th year anniversary with a live recording from "Fuck Music Fest".
Order here

Italian grindpunks  Sposa In Alto Mare, joined Malaysia's finest noisecore maniacs Psychotic Sufferance,  for this 7". Both bands share their love for d-beat & punk in their own personal way...
Order here

MEINHOF - "Endless War" CD (8 euro)
D-beat/ anarcho-punks from the U.K
Order here

SIMBIOSE - "Trapped" CD (8 euro)
Simbiose from Portugal deliver 14 tracks of crust/hardcore crossover with a strong touch of metal, think of Ratos De Porao playing Entombed covers!
Order here

FREDAG DEN 13:e - "Domedagar" CD (8 euro)
Third studio album by Fredag Den 13:e from Sweden. Still delivering the best neo-crust out there.
Order here

BAKOUNINE / DISPOSE - Split LP (8 euro)
Punk as fuck split with Bakounine from France spitting out seven tracks of raw punk/hardcore plus a cover by Chaos UK. Dispose from the U.S on the flip lay seven tracks of pure Disclose/Discharge madness. A perfect match!
Order here
GROSS - "Tomorrow I Will Fall in Love" Promo / Collection CS (5 euro)
CHEPANG - "Lathi Charge" EP (6 euro)
EDxKEMPER - "Cut Her Head and Love Her" CD (5 euro)
SPITTING NAILS - s/t LP (9 euro)
UNHAIM - "S'Brant" 7" (5 euro)
JACK - "Neurosis" CD (6 euros)
CHAROGNE STONE - "Basic Core Instinct" LP (8 euros)
MOOLBEAT - s/t CD (3 euros)
NUKLEAR BLAST SUNTAN - "Prophetic Visions" LP (14 euros)
TERVEET KADET - "Lapin Helvetti" LP (14 euros)
GAZE / KORP - Split LP (8 euro)
EN PSYCHRO - "Faceless Mass" LP (12 euro)
ENDSIGHT - "A Vicious Circle" CD (4 euro)
DOGMATIST - "Worn Out Welcome" CS (5.50 euro)
KSERA - s/t EP (5 euro)
DIRTY WOMBS - "Opposite Flow" LP (9 euro)
BIRDFLESH / SLAVEBREED - "Nekroacropolis" Split EP (5 euro)
 STHENO / GRASSROLL - "Wolfkind" Split EP
BORN WRONG - "Art District" EP (5 euro)