Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mongólico (grindcore)

Mongólico are a grindcore band from Bogotá, Colombia.

22 de octubre - 4° aniversario Kan Bici


Hola a tot/e/s!
El proper Dissabte 22 de Octubre celebrem els 4 anys desde la okupació de
Kan Bici a Galliners amb una bona festa! Convidem a tot/e/s vein/e/s, amigs i
altra bona gent a aquest event. A la tarda hi haura jocs i xocolatada per els
nen/e/s petits i grans, a la nit un koncert de soroll infernal amb las bandes
BOOM (Toulouse) i LOUIS ARMSTRONG (Barna) i altra per confirmar. Hi
haura barra amb preus populars (birras artesanes i bocates vegans) i algú
sorpresa mes.
Aprovechem per dar la benvinguda a la gent que okupó fa poc Mas Menut (a
Les Barraques).
Visca la okupació i la autogestió!

*KAN BICI, ctra. Vilavenut '2, Galliners (Pla d'Estany)

Aupa a todxs!
El proximo Sabado 22 de Octubre celebramos los 4 años desde la okupación
de Kan Bici en Galliners con una buena fiesta! Invitamos a todxs lxs vecinxs,
amigxs y otra buena gente a éste evento. A la tarde habra juegos y chocola-
tada para niñxs pequeñxs y grandes, a la noche un koncierto de ruido infernal
con las bandas BOOM (Toulouse) y LOUIS ARMSTRONG (Barna) y otra por
confirmar. Habra barra con precios populares (birras artesanas y bocatas ve-
ganas) y alguna sorpresa más.
Aprovechamos para dar la bienvenida a la peña que okupó hace poco Mas
Menut (en Les Barraques)..
Viva la okupación y la autogestión!

*KAN BICI, ctra. Vilavenut '2, Galliners (Pla d'Estany)

Hi !
Next Saturday Oct. 22nd we'll celebrate the 4 years of the squatting of Kan Bici
in Galliners with a nice party! We invite all neighboars, friends and other nice
people to the event. In the afternoon there will be games and chocolate for small
and big children, at night there will be a gig of infernal noise with the bands
BOOM Toulouse) and LOUIS ARMSTRONG (Barcelona) and another one to confirm.
There will have a bar with popular prices (selfbrowed beers and vegan sandwichs)
and some other surprise.
We want to say welcome to the guys who squatted short time ago Mas Menut at
Les Barraques.
Long life for squatting and selfmanagment!

*KAN BICI, ctra. Vilavenut '2, Galliners (Pla d'Estany)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Threskiornis (crust / punk)

Threskiornis are a crust / punk band with cello formed in 2015, members coming from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Number Fever (fanzine/mathzine)

A brand new fanzine's first issue is out called Number Fever!
The debut issue of this exciting mathzine represents famous numbers like Pi, e, Fibonacchi, etc. plus explains some facts related to complex numbers, history of zero and the anthropic theory. Besides the documentations the emphasis is on aesthetic, the zine is cut and paste composed, released in square format in two languages. Parameters: English and Hungarian versions,148x148 cm, b/w, 28 yellow pages, sprayed cover (so every copy is different from each other).
Price: 2 Euro, paypal and trade accepted.

See more at
Still available releases are:
-Wombat Simogató Hapsik tape (absurd cyber-grind)
-Din-Addict: Neurosexual Deformation tape (grindcore, DIY)
-Another Way: Az idő rövid története tape (fastcore/grind)
-B-612 zine (artsy novella zine)

Corporation is exploitation - Demo (2016)

Corporation is exploitation is a one man grindcore / punk project.

here is his first demo. 
Fuck the capitalist mentality, download for free. 


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rifles At Recess

Grindcore band from Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Nopron  are a Hardcore punk / dbeat band from Treviso, Italy.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Peronoisepora (hardcore/crust punk)

Peronoisepora are a hardcore/ crust punk band from Zagreb, Croatia.
You can download their albums for free from their bandcamp. 
 They also have tapes, CD's and t-shirts available, all 100% DIY!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Copilado internacional (I.A.P. Costa Rica, 2016)

International compilation available as free download, 25 bands including the full booklet.
 Copilado benefico para el VIII encuentro de la I.A.P. Costa Rica 2016
  Internacional Anarko Punks, Costa Rica.


 Libertad en Papel #4 is a zine written in Spanish.


A new product is widely available on the last Friday & Saturday of November, the (International) Buy Nothing Day. Buy it as often as you can!

A new product conquers the market: the product Nothing! There is great demand for Nothing. Millions of people need Nothing! The new product is now available at an attractive price, you get nothing for nothing! The applications are endless. Nothing gives room in the house, requires no maintenance, no need to secure and consumes no energy. It even provides energy because for nothing the sun rises! Nothing is better! Buy Nothing!

The perfect time to purchase Nothing is on the last Friday & Saturday of November, (International) Buy Nothing Day. That day is after all the day of protest par excellence of anyone who opposes consumerism, the pursuit of economic growth, the power of big business, the 24-hour-stress society, the seven-day sales week and a life in the service of economy.

Een nieuw product is volop verkrijgbaar op de laatste zaterdag van november, de Internationale Niet-Winkeldag. Koop het zo vaak u kunt!

Een nieuw product verovert de markt: het product Niets! Er is veel vraag naar Niets. Miljoenen mensen hebben Niets nodig! Het nieuwe product is nu verkrijgbaar voor een aantrekkelijke prijs: je krijgt Niets voor niets! De toepassingsmogelijkheden zijn legio. Niets geeft ruimte in huis, vraagt geen onderhoud, hoeft niet verzekerd te worden en verbruikt geen energie. Het geeft zelfs energie, want voor Niets gaat de zon op! Niets is beter! Koop Niets!

Het uitgelezen moment om Niets aan te schaffen is op de laatste zaterdag van november, Internationale Niet-Winkeldag (Buy Nothing Day). Die dag is immers de protestdag bij uitstek van iedereen die zich verzet tegen het consumentisme, het najagen van economische groei, de macht van de grote bedrijven, de 24-uur-stressmaatschappij, de zevendaagse koopweek en een leven in dienst van de economie.

Download our Buy Nothing Day 2016 pamphlets here :
Includes  JPG's like below and a print ready PDF with 4 pamplets on a page, 
good for recto verso printing on A4 format.

eng version: Friday 25 Nov BND and Saturday 26 Nov BND , 2016 pamphlets 

Dutch/NL versie : Zaterdag 26 Nov, 2016 Koop Niets Dag (KND) pamfletten