Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GURA zoekt shows !!!

hello there,hope you're fine,no toes missing and such.
my name is david,drummer for GURA.we're an instrumental bass&drums-only hectic&doomy sounding duo from gent,belgium.we've just released our 3rd cd "purGURAtory" on our own DoomItYourself label.
we'll play at the köpi-fest in berlin friday the 24th of februari,and possibly (not confirmed yet) in leipzich the 23rd.we're looking for some more gigs after that weekend,untill saturday the 3rd of march.
for now all options are open,any scheme is possible;we know we're quite late but that's how it is.

here's some links to songs from the new cd:
and here's a full live show:
there's also still some older songs on the myspace/guradoom page.

we will be 3 people in a small van,we'll bring our own backline,and all we'd need is food+drink,a sleepingplace,a powerplug,and some dieselmoney.we basically can play anywhere,be it a squat,livingroom,bar,goatshed,...if it can take some loud&heavy shit.
so if anyone is interested please reply,daring initiatives are warmly welcomed.

meanwhile all the best