Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deadgrrr Fallen Foe ...

Deadgrrr Fallen Foe Was Spawned In The Year 2002 By Best Friends Luke And Jeff.. The Original Idea Was To Do Punk Rock Versions Of Edgar Allan Poe Poems And Such, That Approach Was Abandoned Shortly After.. We Played Mostly Freestyle Folk Punk Stuff For Many Years, It Wasn't Very Good And Over The Years We Made A Bunch Of Recordings, But Not Many Worth Mentioning. Needless To Say, We Have Had A Fuckin Blast And Will Continue Till We're Withered And Grey. And We Have Only Just Begun!...After A Long And Miserable 5 Year Hiatus, We Are Back.... We Aim To Get A Setlist Going ASAP And Play Some Shows!!.....It Will Be A Bit Of A Slow Start Due To Lack Of Time For Practice. But We Shall Keep Things Going At Any Rate. And We're Finally Getting A Bit Closer To The Way We Wanted Stuff To Sound 10 Years Ago But Sucked Too Much To Do It And Had Jack Shit For Gear. HAHA!, But Ideas Are Ever Changing And Evolving. We Will Post Demo Stuff As We Record It. Look For Our New Album "Shadow Of The Raven" Hopefully To Be Dropped Within The Year. Time To Practice. Thanks For The Listen, Interest & Support!