Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pumpkin Records News

After years of trying, Pumpkin has finally managed to get Power Is Poison to get a CD out, and due to the bands split, we are pleased to be releasing their entire discography on March 1st!

It has 25 tracks and is the first CD release (several vinyl mind...) and will cost £5, but that's including postage.

The release is a split with our good friends Righteous Anger Records and Frantic Slaughter Records.

Pre-Orders will be up from tonight at

NEW RELEASE 2.............

We are putting out a split 7" with Officer Down and The Infested very soon, in fact you can put in orders already at

The release has amazing art and comes on red vinyl with a download card you so get the digital tracks too.

If you don't know EHC check them out, we've worked with them since we started and have the upmost respect for them.

OTHER NEWS..............

We have loads more in the works such as the new Beng Beng Cocktail / My Own Religion / Atrocity Solution split which is going to press soon. This is also My Own Religions last ever release so check it out.

Black Star Dub Collective have been recording and will be releasing From Rusholme With Dub in the upcoming months, check them out

We have so much more to say but will leave it for another time.


Matt, Olivia and Bo x