Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Otvoreni Prelom/Open Fracture - Live Zeppelin 2010 (Friends from Serbia)

The idea of the band was formed several years ago, but the combination of circumstances, did not find adequate people to meet the demands of the band and then all the other stories in the shade. Winter 2008. made the move towards implementation and start functioning band. Cooperation was established between Mice and Simketa, who were engaged about achieving that goal. to finally do something about the realization of open fractures. The first tests were conducted in a good mood and fun, but it did not last. Some of the original band members are too serious to understand the idea of the functioning of the working band, and are due to laziness and lack of engagement, that is replaced. Open fracture was approached by Geber and Kočog, bassist and drummer from the band Leprosy. He immediately began to work on own songs. Most text was written by Mica, a stake in some textovima also had Simke. The music we created together for our first rehearsal together. In January 2009-s we had our first gig with bands in Senta's funeral x, Leprosy and Agitator. After another gig in his hometown, open fracture was invited to perform in Vinkovci the memorial concert with bands oči Abergaz, Fingis, No more idols and otherworldly squat. After that it played in Becej, New Becej, Backa Topola, Subotica, Senta ... open fractures later joined as a second guitarist, Mark ... Further work of the band will soon break open and get a taste of their own, because we do not intend to now we stop!  

Otvoreni Prelom

 01 - Panker
02 - Anarhista
03 - Hard Blood Shock [Satan Panonski cover]
04 - Totalna Agresija Sistema
 05 - Racija
06 - Otvoreni Prelom
 07 - Jebi Me
 08 - Sloboda
 09 - Distorzija
 10 - Sistematska Akcija
11 - Dragi Sine Moj [Satan Panonski cover]