Saturday, January 15, 2011

update - Global Parasite

We haven't been using Myspace a lot lately, but it seems to have settled down now, so excuse the lack of updates, am in the process of replying to messages etc now. We update Facebook more often now so go here and add us up:

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We are running out of copies of our debut album "Memento Mori", 1000 were pressed and it was released April 23rd 2010. You can download it via all the usual places, and for free from here:

Download "Memento Mori" for free

Coming up next is a split EP with Manchester's Dead Subverts. This will be a 10 song release, 5 songs from each of us. After that we'll get on to doing our 2nd album! There's also talk of someone joining us as a full time member, but that's all we'll say for now.

We will have patches very soon, we'll let you know when. T-shirts are gonna be made in a month or two, finally!

We set up our own label Righteous Anger Records which is now in full flow, we have many exciting releases coming up. We also have an online distro too. Visit the Righteous Anger Records website

We're planning a few mini-tours this year, we're not sure about longer tours for the time being.

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