Sunday, January 9, 2011

Greed Force - UK Scandi punk - News

News from whats happening with Greed Force:

  So what are GF up this year, I hear you ask? well. we are currently recording a cd of a quality that people might actually purchase, we're on about a bujillion comps, only one of which will be available at the merch stand, the others are free downloads, and a split coming up. NB. IF ANYONE'S INTERESTED IN DOING A SPLIT, CONTACT US, NO MATTER HOW CRAZY IT SOUNDS, WE'RE UP FOR WEIRD SPLITS

Greed Force are a new bunch of UK Scandi punk bastards that like delivering a sound as nasty as some one's pants when they have overdosed on triple strength curry. We can hear a small anarcho punk vibe seeping through the music on some of the other recordings which adds some more germs to the noise

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