Saturday, August 5, 2017

Posthuman t-shirt


Posthuman Productions t-shirt is available in M-L-XL sizes. Black shirt with white print, featuring Dr. Eric Vornoff aka Bela Lugosi, and his theatrical speech from The Bride of the Monster.
Price is 8 Euro plus postage (3 Euro).

There are images on my website, feel free to check it out and order.

Still available own releases:
APOPOSIS/AGATHOCLES split (thrashcore vs mincecore) 12x
EGER HARDCORE compilation tape (hardcore comp from the town of Eger) 40x, 1000 ft
JACK/METH LEPPARD split (grindcore!!!!)30x 800ft (3E)
MASCHINENSTURM #1 (thrashy artzine, collages, graphics) 50x 500ft (2E)
B-612 fanzine (the twisted fairy tale of The Little Prince in English) 15x - 500ft
DIN-ADDICT: Neurosexual Deformation tape (grindcore) 3x – 500ft (2E)
WOMBAT SIMOGATÓ HAPSIK tape (absurd cyber-noisegrind projekt) 5x – 500ft (2E)
ANOTHER WAY: Az Idő Rövid Története (fastcore) 1x - 800ft
PH UNDERGROUND COMP. VOL I (DIY compilation from 2008.) 10x - 500ft (2E)