Thursday, April 7, 2016

Crustatombe - (Label Distro France)

Label punk HC Grind Crust
DIY // Non Profit // Antifa

Crustatombe est un label non profit qui participe à des co-productions de groupes sincères et engagés.
Nous ne voulons pas de fascistes, sexistes et autres oppresseurs...

Crustatombe is a non-profit label which participates in co-productions of sincere and committed groups. We do not want fascist, sexist and other oppressors ...

Crustatombe is a group of people organizing concerts punk DIY (hardcore, crust, grindcore and company) in the Vosges. Crustatombe embarked on a small label to participate in co-prods groups that want to support. We claim ourselves as qu'antifasciste, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist and against all forms of discrimination. Recently, Crustatombe became an association.
Do not hesitate to contact us