Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TRIBÜNAL "Helpless" ep out now on tape and as digital download

German one-man d-beat-unit Tribünal just released “Helpless” as tape and digital-download. The 5 songs show an even rawer and grittier side of the Tribünal sound, with even more primitive songs and structures and a noisy and distorted though powerful sound. It’s obvious that S., Tribünal’s only member, is a huge fan of Electric Funeral, Framtid, Dropend and the likes.

The tape is available through Tribünal’s bandcamp page ( as well as through Kink Records ( and Contraszt! Records (

The following url points at a zip-file with all songs as mp3 and a png-file of the cover:
Tribünal was founded in April 2013. The only member of the band, S., has been active in a variety of metal-, hardcore- and noise/power-electronics-projects in the Hannover area in Germany since 1998. In it’s first year the band released the “FTW” ep, the “All Hope Is Lost” tape-ep and contributed tracks to the “Freedom Punker” compilation series and the “SxE Sells” compilation, which will soon be released on CobraXRecords.

For fans of: AntiCimex, Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Driller Killer, All Pigs Must Die, Nails