Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crise Total-new line-up 2014-onwar​ds

Hi guys,we're happy to inform you that  the band is now on another phase with our old friend Paulinho replacing our other even older friend founder member Rui Rocker,we thought a lot about if we should keep going and ended up agreeing that it does make sense to keep at it,Rui would've wanted it as do we all!So here is a picture of the new line-up and a video from our last gig on April the 13th with us covering an old Ku de Judas track in order to pay homage to many that have fallen these last few months amongst them Rui Rocker,Joao Ribas,Pat Fear and many more,may they all rest in peace!!!
picture-left to right:Rattus-bass/Paulinho-guitar/Jonhie-drums/Manolo-vocals