Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dysmorfic / Death On/Off - split ep out now

Dysmorfic / Death On/Off - split EP (SCR 014) AVAILABLE

Two great grindcore bands from Italy here! Dysmorfic have been around since 1998 with several releases and non-stop touring action (3 euro tours & 2 U.S.A tours). A hard-working band with a strong d.i.y ethic and lyrics about politics and real life experiences through a personal point of view. Death On/Off are newer band offering mad blastbeats, razor-sharp guitars and growling vocals with a twisted sense of humor in the lyrical department. This is a co-release between the following labels: Zas Autoproduzioni, Hecatombe Productions, Earthquacke Terror Noise and Scull Crasher. Limited to 526 copies with about 100 copies on yellow vinyl.

You can stream full the split ep here: 
Webstore link: 
If you're interested to review the split for your fanzine/blog get in touch in order to send you a physical copy of the record. 
Please don't send requests for free download links.