Saturday, January 26, 2013


This awesome split ep was on hold for 2 years but the time has come to finally invade the homes and dirty squats of Råpunk lovers and old-school grind freaks! You all know Warvictims by now, 20 top-notch releases packed with relentless d-beat and razor-sharp guitars, check their blog for info & free downloads. Skunk hail from Canada and deliver some of the best no-bullshit grindcore that bring to mind bands like Disrupt & Warsore, no clean, good-looking, Relapse-style stuff here!

Limited to 500 copies, co-released by Scull Crasher & Chronic Disease records.

(4 euros)
Thanks for the support!
Stay punk / Smash the state

-Bak / Scull Crasher records & distro.