Sunday, July 29, 2012

Manic Dis-Temper - The Few!, The Proud!, The Dis! (2003)

Completely Out Of Control Freestyle Dis-Chaos Thrash Punk Noise From 2003. Ahh The Memories, This Stuff Upset Some Neighborhood Folks Upon Its Creation, And Mr Police Man Arrived A Few Times To Tell Us To Stop. The Lady Next To Jed's Place Thought She Heard Machine Gun Fire.. Yea,, Wacky, But Fun And Fond Memories Of On The Spot Dis-Thrashing Mayhem. MDT Went On To Write Material And Added A Bass Player As Well As A Trumpet Player For A Spell. We Wrote A Decent Amount Of Trax Then Fizzled Out Over The Years. We Pretty Much Only Have Instrumental Material Recorded... I Will RE-Up The Instrumentals Album..... On This Stuff, Jeff (Me) - Vocals, Git & Jed - Drums..... DOWNLOAD: