Friday, March 30, 2012

E.N.D. - Fear Of The Unknown (2012) (*the version ya don't have)

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Here It Is!!.........The Official Final Version Of "Fear Of The Unknown". With 3 Added Tracks As Well As Full Album Art Stuff. In Case You Hav'nt Scored This Album Of Some Of My Finest Solo Stuff, What We Have Here Is 20 Tracks Of Mid To Fast Paced Punk Rock, With Elements Of Goth Rock Here And There. I Have Posted 2 Other Versions, Those Were More Or Less Demo Test Versions. So If You Have Downloaded "Fear Of The Unknown" Previous To The Date Of March 29th 2012, Delete It So It Doesn't Get The Files Mixed Together With The First Version. I Think I'm Rambling Now. Anyhow! Score This Album And Spread It Around! DOWNLOAD: