Friday, June 17, 2011

Ask Questions Demand Answers Out July 7th on Righteous Anger Records

We will release "Ask Questions Demand Answers" on July 7th 2011. To coincide with the anniversary of the 2005 London Bombings in which 56 people (including the alleged "bombers") were killed. There are still so many questions, most of which suggest possible government/establishment involvement in the bombings. 

  We want to help raise awareness for this cause, it is of extreme importance. Issues such as the restriction of civil liberties, the ever expanding war on terror, the racist propaganda/general ignorance of so many people about the Muslim community through disgusting agendas via the mainstream media, all of which wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad without 7/7 and of course 9/11 before that; both are highly suspected of being inside jobs. This kind of action by government/establishment is nothing new, throughout history it has been a method used to achieve the goals of the elite at the cost of the people.

  Please take time to look at this is the most up to date and detailed website regarding the issue.
  You could also take a look at although relatively out of date, is still has some good sources.

  This release will be a largely DIY affair (paper sleeves with insert). Two discs; one music, one multimedia. We also have the help of DIY collective label Pumpkin Records and Riotska Records with this release. We plan on getting this everywhere, with each band and labels having copies to do what they wish with. Some bands may wish charge a small price to help themselves out on tour (we understand how hard things can get!), some may just hand them out for free. We will charge postage via our website, so basically it's free. 

Bands featured (in no particular order):

Oi Polloi
Dead Subverts*
Global Parasite 
Black Star Dub Collective 
Cradle To The Rave*
Burnt Cross 
Bring To Ruins*
Finite Death*
Bruva Grimm*
Moral Dilemma
Down To Kill 
Hello Bastards 
Total Bloody Chaos
Same Old Steve 
Power Is Poison
Ram Man 
Beng Beng Cocktail 

More information on disc 2 (multimedia disc) when it's in your hands ;)